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Can I Attend Drug Rehabilitation in High School?

Need help with drug addiction but still in school? St. Jude Retreats PREP program can help!

Drug Rehabilitation in High SchoolIf you're a teen with substance use problems, you may be asking yourself "Can I attend drug rehabilitation in high school?" The answer is yes. If you'd like help quitting your drug or alcohol use, you can get substance use help while still in high school.

Some people need or benefit from detox. Detoxification is the process of removing any toxins that may have collected in your system from drug use. You may or may not need detox. It depends on the type of drugs used, the amount taken, the frequency of use, and the length of time they've been taken. A doctor can advise whether or not detox is recommended.

Intravenous (IV) therapy detox is regarded by physicians as the most effective and comfortable method for drug detox. It's administered by a doctor who makes changes to the medication as needed to keep you comfortable.

Once you have successfully completed any detox, if it's needed or chosen, you may want to find a program that can help you stay off drugs and get your life back on track. Some programs, such as 12 step and holistic programs, are not very effective long term.

Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) at the Saint Jude Retreats program has proven to help people achieve long-term success in leading drug-free lives. And you don't have to go through the program alone. We have a website for our guests' families that allows them to follow along in the program. Families are always welcome to visit on Sundays and we encourage you to stay in touch with friends and family with unrestricted cell phone, laptop, and tablet use throughout your stay.

We realize that some people would like a little more time to build their skills and self-confidence before returning home. That's why we created the Personal Review and Enhancement Program (PREP) at Saint Jude Retreats. PREP is our young adult program that focuses on additional challenges that you might face when you return home such as relationships with family and friends, spending free time, job opportunities and setting academic goals. Our PREP presenters are also able to work with your high school to see if you can complete courses and testing while you are at Saint Jude Retreats. They have had success with getting high schools from all over the country to agree to allow testing and course credit to be obtained either while guests have been with us or to allow testing and coursework submission upon their return home. If you are concerned with missing school but want to move forward in your life and deal with substance use issues, feel free to contact our Guest Services Consultants to discuss how to balance your academic needs without sacrificing your ability to get the help you need at Saint Jude Retreats.


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