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St Jude's Is An Exclusive Alternative To Drug RehabIn my research I have found that there are many exclusive drug rehab centers out there. You just need to find the right one. Most exclusive drug rehabs use the 12 step program in there teachings, which may not be the best for you or your loved ones. There is a place that is a non 12 step and uses freedom, the freedom to choose. This place is called the St Jude retreats, we are not an exclusive drug rehab center, but we have three different houses for which ever suits your needs better.

The program that they use is called the Saint Jude Program there they are not going to tell you that you have a disease or that you are incurable like some other programs out there. They let you know that your drug problem is a choice not an addiction or a disease. The Saint Jude Program is an educational experience that helps you make better choices in the future, they do not tell you that you have to go to AA after you leave, we tell you to make the right choices. The Saint Jude Program works the best because it teaches common sense solutions. It builds on hard work of maturing and changing negative habits in to positive ones.

They will help you build on your goals for the future, if you are willing to make changes in your life then the Saint Jude Program is the best choice for you. Any drug rehab is not as effective as the Saint Jude Program because its staff members are here because they care, and they will make sure each and every guest is happy even if it is just a simple thing like giving you a smile to start your day. In closing you should choose the St Jude Retreats you wont regret it, it will be a life changing experience.


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