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Do I Need To Get Drug Rehab Help?

Millions of Americans are affected by drug use and addiction. Sadly, most will never get the drug rehab help that they need, even when their circumstances demand that they get help. That is because drug rehab or any drug treatment is counterproductive. In other words, going to a drug rehab lowers your chance of controlling your drug use and getting on with life.

According to overstated statistics released by Columbia University, nearly 25 percent of college students and 27 percent of professionals struggle with some type of drug abuse, whether it is from illicit drugs or prescription drugs. Furthermore, a large number of individuals that are addicted to prescription drugs do not think that they are harmful, because a doctor gave them a prescription. While these hysterical statistics are overstating the problem, there is no doubt that some college students do struggle with whether to continue their use, or to moderate or stop.

There are a number of programs available for the individual that wants to get drug rehab help including drug detox, traditional drug rehab, 12 steps programs, holistic programs and educational programs. Making the decision to go into drug rehab can be scary and difficult, especially if you have responsibilities such as a job or taking care of your family. This is especially difficult because your job may demand you attend a program while it is becoming more known that your chances of sobriety and/or moderation actually go down with a drug or alcohol rehab program! With that said, not getting the help you need now may later prove to be the reason for losing your job and your family. The good news is that there is a program that is a non treatment option that has the only proven record of success!

Depending on the type of drug you currently use, how long you have been using drugs and how often you have been using them; it may be necessary for you to go to drug detox. Most doctors agree that a medical detox programs offers the best method for detoxing from drugs. If you are unsure as to whether or not you or a loved one needs drug detox, check with your doctor.

Most drug rehab programs use a 12 step model or require that their members attend a 12 step program. 12 step philosophy teaches the idea that drug use and addiction is a disease and that the individual that engages in drug activity is predisposed to an addiction disease. 12 step programs teach that the only treatment available is belief in a higher power, abstinence and attending meetings for the rest of their life.

Other drug rehab programs offer medication as a method for drug rehab. Suboxone, Methadone and Suboxone are three types of drugs that are used to help individuals stop taking illicit and prescription drugs. One of the problems for this type of treatment is that the individual exchanges one drug for the other and while the original intent is to gradually stop taking the medication. There is research to support that most individuals that use this method, never stop taking the drug.


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