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A Residential Drug Rehabilitation Center might not be the answer

Our alternative program is proven to work better than rehabs.

Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers May Not Be Right For You.Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers usually provides a person with a 28 day inpatient program. Out of these programs individuals frequently end up enrolled in an AA or NA 12 step program instead of a freedom model based program which is offered in a residential rehabilitation center that lasts 6 weeks. In these choice based Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers, individuals are educated rather than having information presented in a fear based manner.

A drug rehab that has a program based on research provides the optimal environment for teaching individuals how their choices impact their day to day as well as future happiness and well being. Conversely 12 step programs use fear tactics and convince people that they will be sick and diseased for the rest of their lives, many times preventing them from living happy and productive lives. These same programs require their participants to attend meetings for group sessions as frequent as possible, even as frequent as every night, well after they have completed the initial program for the rest of their lives. In sharp contrast Baldwin Research Institute has developed drug rehab facilities that uses the Saint Jude Program, a choice based program based on many years of research. Within the Saint Jude Program participants are educated on the impact that their choices in everyday life impacts their quality of life and lasting happiness.

These participants learn how to love life in a positive fashion without the need to have the support system engineered by 12 step programs. The individuals that complete the Saint Jude Program are equipped with the knowledge to continue their lives looking forward to the future, not stuck in a one day at a time situation. This style of program allows for individuals to maintain their current religious beliefs, even if their beliefs include the absence of a higher power, where the 12 step based program you MUST believe in a higher power in order to maintain sobriety.

The St Jude Retreat Center offers an alternative to conventional Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers. Since 1992 we offer a Non 12 Step residential program to completely overcome drug abuse. Call now for Help.


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