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Cocaine Treatment Options

Learn more about cocaine treatment options and find the best way to quit cocaine.

Drug TreatmentThere are a number of cocaine treatment options available to help you overcome your substance use. Since cocaine is a water soluble drug, there is no withdrawal to go through and you will not need detoxification. It may be necessary however to enroll in a program that can help you deal with any anxiety or mood swings you may be faced with after your withdrawal from cocaine and for you to control your drug use.

Cocaine use is often accompanied by many different psychological reactions that range dramatically. Individuals who use cocaine may experience euphoria, increased alertness and focus, a sense of invulnerability while using. They may also feel irritability, paranoia, restlessness, fear and despair, depression, feeling withdrawn, avoidance, anxiousness, and extreme mood swings when they stop using cocaine. These symptoms typically occur within a few hours after the drug's effects are over. Getting help from a program that can assist you in dealing with these issues is the first step in taking back control of your life.

Heavy users can cause damage and even failure of the heart, kidneys, and brain damage including seizures and strokes. Sexual dysfunction is common in men and women despite the drug's reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Statistically Ineffective Programs for Cocaine Use

Holistic programs offer a mind, body, and soul approach to cocaine treatment options. This approach uses acupuncture, medication, vitamin therapy, and yoga to help you address cravings and other psychological symptoms. This natural approach works for some people but it does not work for everyone.

12 Step programs promote the idea that cocaine use is a genetic brain disease. They also promote the idea that the only treatment available is total lifelong abstinence, belief in and submission to a higher power, and meetings for the rest of your life. 12 Step programs teach that you are powerless in your desire to stop using cocaine and that you will inevitably fail and relapse. This philosophy does not sound very positive or hopeful.

12 Step programs use labels, judgments, and manipulation as a means to control their members and meetings are often filled with bitter and angry members who blame their circumstances and situations on everyone else or a disease, without taking responsibility. The ability to blame a disease for their actions seems to be an excuse that many members use. In spite of the fact that 12 step programs have more than 2 million members worldwide, they also have a 95% dropout rate, most likely due to the fact that members cannot be successful long term.

Saint Jude Retreats Can Help You Overcome Cocaine Use

Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) is different from 12 Step programs in that it does not support that cocaine or any substance use is a disease. The program methodology doesn't include medical or genetic causes or religious cures for addiction but (CBL) does support that free will, choices, and happiness exist and they are totally within your control. You may have learned to use drugs from your family as part of their behavior patterns, but you did not inherit an addiction gene from anyone. You are able to make new choices, regain control of your life, and determine the best approach and goals for happiness for you. Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) helps you learn helpful tools for self-change to responsibly move forward into a better future. Remember, habits can always be changed, call Saint Jude Retreats today to start the living the life you desire.


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