The Freedom Model Retreat

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The Freedom Model Retreat includes a variety of luxuries, amenities, and services to fit the discerning guest's needs. Executives and other people who have found some success in their lives sometimes need to be able to work while getting the help they need. In order to accommodate this, the retreat has full wifi, and guests can keep possession of their cell phones, tablets so they remain tied to their lives if needed.

For the outdoor enthusiast, the retreat sits on acres of forest, meadows, and private trails, with a bass pond for fishing (or ice skating in the winter months). In the winter months, the home has a cozy warm feeling complete with a fireplace sitting room, rustic beams, and Adirondack Mountain inspired trimmings and decor. As an Educational Retreat, there are no records kept of your stay with us, making The Freedom Model Executive Retreat the most confidential retreat in the country.

For the spa fanatic, a dry Sauna located adjacent to a marble shower is a wonderful feature for those looking to relax from the outside world. The sauna is adjacent to the massage room. A private massage therapist will be available to you on a weekly basis; offering Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Hot Rocks Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and more. A personal chef will be preparing your meals and can meet any personal dietary needs. Private car service is also provided at this retreat.

  • Outdoor Heated Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Home Theatre
  • Local Golf Course
  • Scenic Walking Trails
  • Gym Membership

The Executive Retreat will provide you with all the amenities you desire while being able to remain truly focused on making changes in your life without stress and worry. Not only is this retreat exclusive, your privacy is our top concern while you're a guest in our home.

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