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The Saint Jude Family Program

Rebuilding Family Dynamics

Saint Jude Family ProgramDealing with a loved one who is struggling with addiction issues can be all consuming and causing family members to experience many emotions such as frustration, guilt, shame and resentment. The Saint Jude Family Program is a FREE resource for the families of those enrolled in the Saint Jude Program that helps to finally overcome the emotional stress and anxiety associated with dealing with someone close to them who is struggling with substance use problems. It guides them in rebuilding their own lives, which have in many cases been devoted to helping the substance user.

Unlike in conventional Treatment Centers, St Jude's will NOT label the family dynamic as dysfunctional, and co-dependent. It will not tear families apart by building greater anxiety and resentment, but instead it aims to provide 3 clear objectives:

  • To provide the family with research based information about addiction and all substance use problems.
  • To help the family improve their relationships with each other and with the substance user.
  • To show the family the most effective strategies to help their loved one as they overcome their substance use problems.

By learning the truth about addiction, families gain a greater understanding of their loved one's struggles, and if applicable the reasons why treatment and rehab have failed them in the past. The family program will help the family learn how they can provide the most effective help to their loved one, as well as to find their own happiness independently from the substance user, through an effective self-directed program.

Program Fundamentals

"Envision your Life Beyond Current Circumstances.
What do you Want for Your Life?"
You, the family, friend or close relative of the substance user, deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your life; and you can build the life you want for yourself and your family free from constant guilt and worry. Call today to learn how the Saint Jude Family Program can help you and your loved one regain trust and healthier family dynamic.


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