How to Beat A Drug Addiction

Freedom Model's Is The Only Effective Drug Addiction Rehab Alternative

How to Beat A Drug AddictionYou came home from rehab confident that you were ready to take on the world without drugs or alcohol. A few months later, you're back in rehab. You feel at a loss. All of the doctors in the world don't seem to help. Do they really know Do they really know how to beat a drug addiction?

Many habitual users of drugs who have kicked their "addictions" have been in drug rehab programs more than once. Is it possible that their choices and not the drug rehab programs, was how they finally kicked their drug problem?

Drug addiction rehab programs that help habitual drug users have arisen alongside the disease model of addiction. The disease model of addiction is a relatively recent theory which uses genetics and biology to explain addiction. The majority of "treatment" programs such as 12 Steps subscribe to the disease model, yet they have only a 5% success rate.

Fortunately, there is a drug addiction rehab alternative with proven results: Freedom Model Retreats.

The best way to help someone beat a drug addiction is to not limit their options and given them back self-empowerment. Freedom Model is not a drug rehab or drug treatment program. We know that the disease model of addiction and the "client-patient" relationship is a patronizing paradigm. We know treatment programs are ineffective, and our knowledge is founded in hard science.

Would you believe that behaviors physically alter the brain? It's true and this is how people can beat a drug "addiction." Neuroplasticity is the science of brain change, specifically the changing of neural pathways and growth of synapses in response to our choices and behaviors. People overcome habitual behaviors by thinking differently and behaving differently and thus their brain changes in response to these new thoughts and behaviors.

While drugs affect the way we think short term, we are always in control and responsible for our actions. Many traditional rehab facilities believe that one must submit to a high power of some sort and recognize they're powerless over drugs. At St. Jude, we respect people of all faiths as well as those with no religious or spiritual beliefs. Religious or spiritual beliefs are rendered inconsequential when people learn they have the power of choice over their own habits, thought and behaviors.

Think about this: the disease model philosophy of treatment programs often focuses on finding a "root" of one's problems. It is true that there are many people who habitually use drugs who have experienced traumas such as parental or sexual violence. However, there just as many survivors of traumas that do not habitually drink or use drugs.

Genetic factors are often used to explain drug addiction, but they too fall short in another thought experiment: Two siblings with an heroin using mother. One grows up to habitually use heroin, the other never touches drugs. Certainly drug addiction cannot be completely genetic if both of her daughters did not become drug users. Both of them obviously were affected by their mother's heroin use, but they made different choices: the first sister chose to follow in her mother's footsteps, while the other chooses to avoid drugs because she has witnessed its negative effects. These kind of examples show clearly that genetic predisposition and environment never take away the power of choice.

The approach used by Freedom Model's to beat a drug addiction relies heavily on the science of personal change, which can help our guests change their current thoughts and choices, which are right now centered on drug use. Rather than requiring large group meeting attendance every day, class sessions at St. Jude may consist of one to three people. These small group sizes allow for deeper connects and a more productive learning environment. One-on-one help is also always available if our guests desire. Even though there are group class sessions, everyone will create their own path as an individualized program.

Drug rehab programs have tried to use science to promote their methodology. While their intentions are benevolent, their positive results are lacking. Freedom Model methodology is the result of 22 years of analyzing the rehab and treatment industry and its inefficiencies, along with analyzing how millions of people overcome drug "addictions" on their own, everyday. St. Jude can show you how to beat a drug addiction: by not being a victim and taking control of your life.


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