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Intervention Services Compared

Leanr the different between Intervention Services and Family Liaison Services

Family Liaison

  • Substance user makes positive, lasting lifestyle changes. Substance user assesses the need for enrollment in the JTP after a series of non confrontational meetings and/or correspondence with our Family Liaison Services Director.
  • Mediation between family and substance user; educating with facts and research; providing all options; listening to all parties and helping each come to an understanding of the other. Helping all to make an informed decision.
  • 2-3 day average on-site visit, but length of visit can be personalized based on the family's needs. Services continue indefinitely throughout program and after program completion.
  • Varying levels of cost depending upon services requested. Affordable. Great value, as services continue indefinitely.
  • 30%-75% depending upon whether or not the person attends and completes the SJP.
  • Kindness, empathy, compassion and accurate information designed to provide all options to family and substance user so both can make an informed and rational decision.

Non Treatment, Saint Jude's


  • Person coerced into treatment. (The treatment program chosen is usually the highest bidder rather than what would be most effective for an individual.)

  • Confrontational in nature; coercive; in some cases abusive; fear and guilt as the primary motivators; group ambush with loved ones; negativity as a catalyst for action.

  • 1-2 day on-site visit. Services typically end when person enters treatment program.

  • One price plus expenses regardless of services provided. High cost, low value.

  • 5% - 20% with 12 Step/Disease based treatment methodology.
  • Confrontational ambush designed to scare/coerce your loved one into treatment program that research has shown may actually decrease his/her chances of ever making a lasting positive lifestyle change.

Treatment Centers

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The St. Jude Program Family Liaison Service

...provides free consultation over the phone to guide families on ways to approach their loved one about substance use (or other habitual behavior) problems. The Family Liaison Director is also available (for a fee) for on-site consultations, family meetings, one-on-one meetings with the substance user, to educate the family about substance use issues and the SJP, or as a traveling companion for the substance user to ensure his/her safe arrival to a St. Jude Program retreat location.

* The Family Liaison does not provide Intervention Services nor do we recommend such services to families as the process of ambushing a person and forcing them into a treatment program is not only ineffective, but cruel and harmful.

Many times the primary objective for the family liaison is to help the family and substance user to understand each other; and their respective opinions, concerns and wishes. We guide people to proven methods and workable, affordable permanent solutions. This is what St. Jude's is known for - Serving and Creating Solutions for over 20 years!


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