Do People Choose To Be An Alcoholic?

Do People Choose To Be An Alcoholic?Do people begin drinking with the intention of becoming alcoholic? Of course not. But what they choose to do over time can lead to alcoholism.

People learn to drink excessively because, when they choose to drink and while they are consuming alcohol, the benefits of drinking appear to them to outweigh any disadvantages. This choice for gratification now rather than in the future leads to a long series of decisions that reinforce each other and lead to heavier and heavier drinking. The choices become cumulative and involve selecting friends, drinking locations, drinking patterns, and other decisions that reinforce each other in forming a new life style.

However, these behaviors are all choices made by the drinker, which is why some people many wonder if people choose to be an alcholic? The drinker also has the power to make other choices that lead to reduced drinking or even to abstinence. Changing habits can be very difficult but it can be done and is being done every day by millions of people.

A personal choice such as alcohol use needs no justification unless if affects another negatively in some way. On this subject you, by buying into the illogical notion that drinking is a disease, are constantly reinforcing the idea that you have a disease for which you are not responsible for. And if the concept of the "disease of alcoholism" is too firmly implanted in your psyche, your chances of moderating or stopping substance use forever are severely threatened. If, however, you becoming willing to take full responsibility for your behaviors your chances of stopping substance use go up dramatically.

On the other hand, Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) teaches members that they are powerless over alcohol. It teaches that if they have a single drink, they will lose control and be unable to stop drinking heavily. That's why Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) is so unsuccessful. In fact, with a success rate at the end of one year of only five percent, A.A.'s effectiveness is actually lower than that of natural remission, that is, it's lower than doing nothing other than trying to stop. These programs are based on a collection of spiritual concepts which promote the idea that a higher power is required to make an individual stop drinking. Many people, whether or not they have had experience in these programs, will tell you they believe these programs work.

Almost all alcohol treatment uses A.A. or A.A.'s 12 steps and is also unsuccessful for most alcoholics. However, Cognitive Behavioral Learning, used exclusively in the Freedom Model Program, is a highly effective non-12-step approach that empowers people to overcome their alcohol problems and become sober for life.

The Freedom Model Program is unlike any program you have attempted in the past. When you are in our program, you are not being treated or rehabilitated--you are being educated. You are being given the knowledge to help you make sensible and well-informed decisions about not only your substance use but your life in general.


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