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Mental Preparation for an Alternative to an Alcohol Rehab Program

Not sure you are ready for an alternative to traditional treatment? Your mental preparation is vital for your success.

Mental Preparation for an Alternative to an Alcohol Rehab ProgramSo you have decided to try an alternative alcohol rehab program instead of a traditional program. This is great news! You have made the right choice in a program supporting you taking back control of your life and evaluating the role substances play in it. There are probably certain ideas however, that are ingrained in your mind, especially if you have been through the rehab loop previously.

Below are some important concepts you should keep in mind for your mental preparation for an alternative to alcohol rehab program, such as the Saint Jude Retreats Program:

You Are Not Powerless

A large majority of alcohol rehabs today use the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in some form or another, so you have probably been exposed to them before. It's important for you to know when trying an alternative program, such as Saint Jude Retreats, that you're not powerless over anything. You're in control of your drinking and can successfully manage your usage.

You Are Not Diseased

This is another dangerous idea created by AA and traditional alcohol rehab programs that is not the easiest to break. It's very understandable to want to believe that you have been struck by the disease of addiction. You are at the point in your life in which you probably don't understand why life isn't working out, and how did things become so seemingly out of control. It's easy to blame someone else for your problems, but to truly move beyond substance use, you will have to take complete responsibility for your actions. This simply means owning up to poor choices, and ultimately correcting your behaviors and habits moving forward.

You Are Not Genetically Predisposition To Become An Alcoholic

If your father, uncle, and sister are all "alcoholics", the genetics addiction gene factor may be hard to overlook. However, there is a multitude of misconceptions regarding the addiction gene. First and foremost is the lack of evidence for the "addiction" or "alcoholism" gene. So far, it has not been scientifically identified and continues only in theory. Rather than blaming your family or genetics for your alcohol use, it's important to understand that some of your use may stem from learning a modeled behavior that you've accepted after observing family. If you have watched your father drink heavily after a stressful day, you might have come to think that is the best way to deal with stress. But ask yourself-- have you actually sought or followed through with any other stress relief techniques that can actually help you, besides drinking?

If you honestly haven't tried other solutions, now might be the right time to start breaking these thought patterns as the mental preparation for an alternative alcohol program. This preparation can be invaluable, especially if you have been through traditional treatment and alcohol rehabs before and have felt failed by it or not provided with a permanent solution.


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