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The Saint Jude Retreats Philosophy

America's Non Treatment - Non 12 Step Program

The Saint Jude Program States:

"All people always move in the direction of what they believe will bring them the most happiness at any given point in their life"

Saint Jude Retreats Philosophy?The question is this: Do you know what new goals, activities, or things could bring you greater happiness in your life? If not, then your perceived limited options may have you stuck in a giant counterproductive circle, filled with drinking, drugging, loneliness, self loathing, and anxiety. This vicious cycle is based on your current beliefs, values, and ideas about how life is supposed to be. What if your limited view could open up, and an entirely new set of goals and values were offered to you for the future? Would you take them? We think you would, and unlike treatment programs, we believe in you!

St. Jude Retreats Philosophy:

All this talk of dreams, values, and goals means little if the results are not there. But they are. The St. Jude Retreats has always held true to our fundamental drive for research based solutions. For instance, the Freedom Model Philosophy, the basis of our program, was born from over 18 years of results at our three retreats. If people did not overcome their problems over the long term, then there is no value. But thousands have.

These Are the Results View our independently verified, and publicly published success rate.

So Why is Saint Jude's a Non Treatment Program?

"You and Only You, Can Make Change Possible"

When we first opened the doors at Saint Jude's, we utilized the existing 12 step model, only to see that this model was counterproductive and lead to astonishing low success rates of 5%; the current industry average for treatment and rehabs.

Furthermore, as we continued our research we found that there is no scientific data that supports the disease concept of addiction. It was clear to us then, that Treatment Didn't work because it teaches people about a disease that cannot and will never be cured, leaving them in a perpetual state of hopeless and failure

So why would we treat a fictional disease? Why would we give you little to no hope? We know that you have the power to change, and that alone makes for the most fundamental piece of our philosophy. "You have the freedom to choose, You are in Control, You Can Change".

Thousands have moved on to productive lives free of substance use problems, with no need of treatment, and so can you!


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