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Prescription Drug Addiction Assistance

Addcited To Prscription Drugs? St. Jude's Can Help You Get Your Life Back

Millions In Need Of Help For Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction AssistanceAccording to the U.S. government's Center for Disease Control, there are 6.2 million individuals in the country who each year are in need of prescription drug addiction assistance for misuse of stimulants, painkillers and sedatives. Prescription drug use is quickly becoming a serious concern in the U.S. and if you are one of the millions in need of prescription drug addiction assistance, there is help available to you.

Depending on your prescription drug use, it may be necessary for you to detox. Detox will remove the chemical toxins that have accumulated in your system from heavy drug use. Not everyone needs detox and whether or not you do depends on the specific drugs, how long you have been using them, the amount you have been using, and the frequency of your use. Your doctor can tell you if you might benefit from detox.

Residential Vs. Nonresidential

Prescription drug addiction detox assistance is available in residential and nonresidential as well as in medical and nonmedical facilities. Residential medical detox enlists the aid of medication in the detox process. Intravenous (IV) medical detox is seen as the best method because it allows doctor to change the medication as needed to meet the withdrawal symptoms and keep the individual more comfortable.

Another method of medical detox is the use of drug replacement therapy. In this method the individual receives medication, in most cases methadone, suboxone or subutex to take and detox at home. These medications have proven to be effective in easing any withdrawal symptoms.

issuse With Drug Replacement Therapy

There are some precautions associated with taking methadone and suboxone that are most often an issue when the medications are taken longer than the withdrawal symptoms. Research shows that some individuals have been taking methadone and suboxone for longer than 20 years. If not taken as prescribed, both suboxone and methadone present a risk for physical dependency.

After you have completed detox, if necessary, you can then enroll in a program to help you avoid returning to prescription drug use. Some detox programs offer a treatment solution. Do not feel forced to attend a program that the detox hosts at its facility. Majority of these are 12 step programs.

If you need help with prescription drug use, call Saint Jude Retreats, we can get you the help you results you want and to leave drug use far behind you.


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