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St. Jude Retreats Reviews

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Reviews of The Saint Jude Retreats from Guests who attended our Program

If you would like to personally speak with a past guest of the St Jude Retreats, our Family Consultants can help you do so. In addition, we invite you to visit our Facebook Page where you will be able to ask directly about other people's experience at the Saint Jude Retreats.

There are a multitude of addiction professionals, as well as scientist, and scholars that have reviewed the St Jude Program, You can access some of these Reviews here..

Additional Reviews

St. Jude Retreat Review by DennisSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsDennisKnowing that I wasn't trapped for six weeks that I was able to use my cell phone for business and personal matters, meant a lot to me. I can put forth the things I have learned from the Program and instructors, in my life now while I am here at the Retreat. It has made a difference already.

St. Jude Retreat Review by New York GuestSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsNew York GuestComing to the Saint Jude Retreat was a defining moment in my life. I am forever grateful for the respect and dignity the staff has shown; and more importantly the confidence they have instilled in me.

St. Jude Retreat Review by New York Guest Family MemberSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsNew York Guest Family MemberIt Just a big thank you and God bless you! Saint Jude Retreat Center saved my daughters life (Joanne) 4 years ago. She has been sober from crystal meth and xanax for 4 years now after being addicted for 3 years. We were just both talking about her anniversary at St.Judes. She was 18 years old when she went in and she is now 22 and very sober. We are both very thankful for St Judes.

St. Jude Retreat Review by JohnSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsJohnTheresa, Jim, Mark, Shannon, Renata, AlL the people at the St. Jude Retreats: I did not realize how much of an influence you all have had on my life until I have run into situations where I feel nothing is going right. In the each situation I have learned "from you" to look at the positive, in everything however small it may seem. Wow what a difference it makes focusing on the positive part of everything instead of the negative. I could give you numerous examples but they would be too lengthy to mention. Thank you again for teaching and coaching me to always look at the positive part of everything even if it only a small part of the total picture!

St. Jude Retreat Review by JackSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsJackThe journey that brought me to Saint Jude's was not necessarily brought by drugs and alcohol; Even though I did find myself seeking solace at times with the use of them. It is through my time at Saint Jude's that I was able to discover the true meaning of life as it pertains to me. I gained a new sense of purpose, a life filled with lasting happiness and continuing aspirations. I found the staff; from the chef to the director all held a component for my new found discovery of self. It is with their support and guidance that I discovered I can be the best me for those that I influence. I am now able to pay my life forward and in the turn impact humanity in a positive light.

St. Jude Retreat Review by Utah GuestSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsUtah GuestI was 25 years old when I came to the Saint Jude Retreats. I was resistant at first because I was in and out of rehabs since I was 18. After about a week I warmed up to everyone in the house. The teachers were absolutely wonderful people. They took me as like their own. I thought I was never going to get better and I was going to be an addict for the rest of my life. The Saint Jude Retreat Program is truly the best program in the world. It opened my eyes a lot. St. Jude Retreats taught me that I make my own choices and I wasn't diseased. During the program, I received my GED. When I got home, I attended and graduated college. The Saint Jude Retreat House saved my life. I would recommend this program to anybody.

St. Jude Retreat Review by RichardSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsRichardI just wanted to write to thank you for my stay at the Executive Retreat. I was so pleased with everything and I have never been somewhere that everything that was promised on the web site, actually was. I was not disappointed in any way and left in great spirits. My room was comfortable and clean. The food was great too, better than expected. Dan was my instructor and he really helped me a lot. The classes really taught me a lot about myself and my drug using habits. The staff was great and all of the social events were a lot of fun. Like I said, there was nothing that was promised that didn't happen. My stay was a great experience and I can't wait to get started on the life I have planned out for myself.

St. Jude Retreat Review by JoanneSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsJoanneHi Jim!

I want to thank you for helping Jason and I out with his appointment, everything went very well. Yesterday I realized that I am truly getting my son back. Jason and I had a great day and we laughed together which we haven't done in a very long time. I know he still has work to do on his attitude and with anger issues, but I do see many positive changes and I know he is trying hard.

One of the best things I have ever done in my life was to click on your website, and then make the call. From Britney, then to you, the brilliant instructors, and the rest of the staff, having found St. Judes is such a wonderful blessing to us! I am forever greatful!! Please pass this along for me.

Thank you so much for everything, have a great day!

St. Jude Retreat Review by Colorado GuestSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsColorado GuestFrom the first moment that I walked into the St. Jude Retreat House, I knew this place was different. I felt a sense of comfort and belonging immediately. The ideas and concepts were new to me. There were no counselors or psychiatrists diagnosing me. There was no substituting one drug for another. There were no group therapy sessions. And there was no blaming others for my life's failures. Yes, I learned that much of my life was my fault, but I learned that this was truly good news, because that meant I could fix it. And I was shown exactly how to do just that. The Saint Jude Program has changed my life completely. I have found a new sense of peace in my life. I am so grateful that I have decided to stay and help others to gain the freedom and happiness that I now enjoy.

St. Jude Retreat Review by RondaSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsRondaMy brother found the Saint Jude Retreats after I experienced 5 failed attempts with the 12 step way. This is what I's not all about stop being so selfish and self centered!!! It's all about choice...I have the power to not do's my choice. I also had to realize that all the choices I make affect everyone around me...not just myself...and what is life like today? wonderful because I choose to have a wonderful life. I have a great job, I bought a house, I have a dog, and a great relationship with friends, family and my community! I finally feel "a part of."
The hardest part was forgiving myself for all the horrible things I did and all the pain I caused...just the other day I read a post on my brother's Facebook page...he was thanking everyone for his birthday wishes...he gave special thanks to me for making everyday a birthday for him!!! I was finally able to let go... Thank-you St.Jude Retreats!

St. Jude Retreat Review by California GuestSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsCalifornia GuestMy mom had found the St. Jude Retreats on the internet in December of 2002. She noticed that it was different from all the other information she had read. It offered a solution not a disease. I was not convinced that I would be successful but I had become willing to try anything and this was definitely different. During my stay at the Retreat House, I got brutally honest with myself and applied the program in all areas of my life. I began to see things much more clearly and take responsibility for myself and my choices. I began to change my whole way of thinking. I realized everything in my life had been a choice. I had made so many bad decisions in my life that I had become pretty good at it. Now it was time to learn how to make the right decisions. I made a commitment to get well and with the help of the Saint Jude Retreat House I was able to make positive life-enhancing changes in my life. With continuous hard work, I have made several amazing breakthroughs and experienced serious growth mentally and spiritually. The Saint Jude Retreats Program taught me the skills to truly recover.

Today I live a happy, successful, drug-free life. My life has changed 100%. My motives and outlook on life have flipped from where they were selfish and destructive, to now giving, helpful and positive. My dreams are coming true and my anger has subsided. My relationship with my family has been restored and I have made life-long friends. I am happy to be able to say, Life is good...

St. Jude Retreat Review by DanSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsDanI definitely knew I had a problem with pain killers; it's pretty obvious when you are taking 20 a day. But all the pills I took were just in the pursuit of happiness. All I wanted to be was happy. I thought I had to get clean and maybe that would make me happy. But then I look at my aunt that has been in AA for several years, and is still very unhappy. I told one therapist about my use and she said I was an addict and had a disease. That wasn't the smartest thing to say to a guy who was already suicidal. I thought to myself, "If have to live and struggle everyday with my disease like the 12 steps say, I just don't want to live then." But then I found St. Jude's online, and called up the reservations, where I spoke to Brittney. We talked on the phone for hours before I even paid a penny. I knew this place was truly there to help people.

So when I went to St. Jude Retreat Center, it opened my eyes to how I could be sober and be happy at the same time! I was more happy sober than I was using! Plus the curriculum you learn in the book can help you achieve differed happiness. St. Jude's can help anyone with any problem if one follows the program. The staff were amazing human beings, and I still talk with them every once in a while. St. Jude's literally saved my life. I'm not an addict, nor was I ever. I just wanted a way to be happy, and with St. Jude's I found true happiness!

I don't know how I could ever repay St. Jude's and all the wonderful people for giving me a great life!

St. Jude Retreat Review from Vancouver, CanadaSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsVancouver, CanadaI visited St Jude Retreat Centers in June of 2008 and since then, this past year has been the best year I've had in a decade!!! I had been using drugs for nearly a decade and have been dealing with an eating disorder since I was 12. The two were my life. I was so consumed in my efforts to be skinny that I lost focus of everything and everyone around me. Before arriving at the St Jude Retreat Center I had been to two 12 step treatment programs and several out patient treatments without success.

The Mountain Retreat House was nothing I had ever experienced before. The atmosphere, the program was exactly what I needed. I felt relaxed, the staff was remarkable, and genuinely cared about each house guest! For me, it was difficult to see that I could love myself, but thanks to Jen, Bobby, Gwen, Sheryl and my instructor, Jim, I have found that to be happy is truly within you. I now have more respect for myself and my body which in turn has given me the self-confidence I need. I still struggle with my weight from day to day but I do not resort to anything that will take me back. I am happy where I'm at and that I made the choice to change. I can not thank you enough!!

I have been working full-time since August 2008 as an administrator for a Recruiting E ngineering Firm and faced my fears of failing by enrolling in an insurance course which I passed with a grade of over 80%! I will soon be continuing on with my studies to achieve my goal of a career in the insurance field. I recently ran and completed a 1 0km run in 60mins. I have entered this run in the past several times, to either not finish, or only walk because I was so weak. I play on a baseball team, volunteer when possible, and in the near future there is a possibility of me mentoring children/young adults in similar situations that I went through. Most importantly, I have a relationship with my parents, brother, and my best friends again! I made the choice to change, St. Jude Retreat Center showed me how. I continue to use the knowledge I learned think positive, think of others first, and to be happy. Thank you St. Jude Retreat! I appreciate you all very much!

St. Jude Retreat Review by AlexSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsAlexFor a few years, I was in the throws of what I perceived to be an addictive phase of alcohol misuse, which I was informed, was a result of a disease I suffered from. As time progressed and the more treatments I sought, the worse it became. I was more than happy to maintain my abuse; after all, it was a disease and therefore not my fault. I found this entire concept to be ridiculous; however, I was following the "experts" advice and continued by behavior.

One of the guidelines I knew I would and could never follow was to attend daily (or several times per day) meetings in the traditional AA genre. I found the fact that AA methods were antiquated (they were developed before the advent of penicillin) and only served as a substitute, addictive behavior. Within me I found a conflict. I knew in my mind and logically that only I had the power to stop my behavior, but I was told otherwise. I knew that this could in no way be a disease, but again, I was told otherwise. Everything that made sense to me was negated and as a result, I wallowed in this nightmarish state for almost three years.

After much debate, I was able to attend the St. Jude Retreat Center, where I learned that my thinking was actually quite sound and held merit. Though I didn't immediately embrace this reality and fell back into disbelief at first, I finally recognized what I thought true all along; that only I had the power to end my behavior. I had to just take responsibility for it and accept the fact that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life living in a haze, letting everything important slip by. I wanted to live and to enjoy life and those around me. I owed it to myself to do so.

The fact is that each of us has the strength to achieve the goals we want. Much of what we hear and read tends to suggest that we have to be taken care of or we are in some way not responsible for our actions, inactions or shortcomings. Only we can determine our future, with the embrace of others perhaps, but we must take these first steps. Whether it's how we live our lives, what we put into it, what we want to share or give back or just how we tend to our personal issues and problems. The buck stops with each of us.
If you have a drug, alcohol, or other addictive behavior problem, that is all it is; a problem. Deal with it. Life is just far too wonderful to waste. Don't blame others. Don't complain about what others have or what you don't. If you want it, don't expect it to be handed to you; earn it!

You are the only one that can do it, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


St. Jude Retreat Review by MegSt. Jude Retreat ReviewsMegFaith, I just want to say thank you for all of your help and support with my decision to go to St. Judes. It is a decision that I am so happy about, I feel free and better than I have felt in a long time. I am amazed at how well that program works and am still wondering about the magic of it. One of the other guests that I got friendly with also feels the same sense of amazement at the outcome. We both agreed that we feel calm, focused and free. Amazing. I heard that there is a new book coming out which I would like to buy when it comes out. If you would let me know about that I would appreciate it. Again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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