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America's Non 12 Step Program
A Non Treatment Approach That Will Empower You to Change

At the Saint Jude Retreats, we offer you or your loved one what no alcohol or drug rehab facility can:

  • 12 Step Programs Don't Work. In Contrast, St Jude's residential program has a success rate 12 times higher than any other program in the nation
  • Permanent Results to substance use problems. Learn about our Guarantee.
  • Highest Success Rate Independently Verified. The only one in the country. Our 22 years of continuous research proves the effectiveness of our model as opposed to the treatment model.
  • Financing Available with approval over the telephone in as little as 15 minutes.

Our Programs Inspire and Motivate Permanent Change

Unlike Treatment programs, Saint Jude's will not label you with the disease of addiction, but rather will guide you through a self change process in an inspirational and motivational environment.

The Key Differences In The Saint Jude Program:

  • Non Disease Based Model.
  • No Harming Labels like 'Addict' or 'Alcoholic'.
  • Personalized/Individualized Program, No Group Meetings.

St Jude Retreat Reviews Proves That Our Program is Far More Positive And Effective Than Treatment

Reviewed by some of the most influential addiction specialists in the industry today, They all agree; Saint Jude's is the most motivational and life inspiring program to overcome addiction and sustain a positive lifestyle, with no endless recovery.

Dr. Peter Venturelli Reviews The Saint Jude Retreats

  • "The Saint Jude Retreat is remarkable in that it provides a curriculum and process specifically designed for self-directed change. In going through the process each person gains knowledge and tools they can use long after they have left the program. They are then able to face any future struggles with confidence, strength and hope for a better future." Read More Reviews Here

The Saint Jude Program Independently Verified Success Rate

Our success rate is something you won't find at any alcohol rehab or drug treatment program today, and that is because our success rate is independently verified by a third party research organization. Access Our Success Rates Here.

  • Independently Measured and Verified.
  • Abstinence From All Substances.
  • Corroborated By Family Members.

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  • Saint Jude Retreats Review

    "After attending many different programs I thought I would never get it, but my dad thought different. What worked for me were the awesome social activities and the involvement of my instructor. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't."Ryan

  • St Jude Retreats Review

    "For a person like me, who had accomplished everything in life, I struggled with addiction late in my career. Your program offered me a new perspective. Now I appreciate life as it was meant to be, a pleasant experience."Henry

  • Review of the Saint Jude Retreats

    "I needed a program before my family gave up on me. Thankfully they found Saint Jude's. To me, the personal attention I received helped me understand my priorities. I am now the Mother I always wanted to be."Mary Ann

America's Non 12 Step Approach

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