The Saint Jude Retreat
offering The Freedom Model Program

Exclusive Non-12 Step
Residential Addiction Program

Saint Jude’s Non 12 Step Residential Program is truly different and more effective than any addiction program in the world and here’s why:

Non-12 Step-rehab

(L. to R. - Steven Slate, Mark Scheeren, Michelle Dunbar)

One-On-One Help From Our World-Leading Addiction Experts

At The Saint Jude Retreat you will receive personalized one-on-one class sessions with The Freedom Model for Addictions authors and program developers: Mark Scheeren, Steven Slate and Michelle Dunbar. No other Program in the world provides this level of care and direct contact with program developers, non 12 step pioneers and world renowned researchers and addiction experts with over 30 years of experience each. 

Mr. Scheeren, Mr. Slate and Ms. Dunbar are the creators of the original non-12 step movement, making them the authority on non 12 step methods.

The Freedom Model Program is offered exclusively at The Saint Jude Retreat – no other facility is authorized to provide the original non 12 step model, The Freedom Model. Call today to make your reservation and get the private and confidential help you need from the team that has revolutionized the treatment world and helped thousands move past addiction over the course of 3 decades! 

Exclusive Non 12 Step Residential Addiction Program offered only at The Saint Jude Retreats

The Freedom Model Program is the only fully Non 12 Step, Alternative to Addiction Treatment. It is offered exclusively at the Saint Jude Retreat. Our Program has empowered thousands of people to move beyond addiction and take full control of their lives.


  • You will gain Freedom: knowing you are not trapped in a lifelong pattern of heavy substance use, forced abstinence, and endless struggles with addiction.
  • You will learn exactly how you can change your drinking or drugging habits. Positive change is possible by changing your perspective on addiction, and learning the truth about addiction rather than recovery ideology that keeps you endlessly tied to treatment and therapy.
  • You will learn how you can make positive changes in your life by gaining insights into your beliefs and your reactions to challenging situations.
  • 30 years of research and experience, The Saint Jude Retreats have helped thousands of people take back control of their lives and move on.


How The Freedom Model Works

Where the 12 step philosophy states that people are suffering from a disease that renders them powerless over substances, a non 12 step philosophy is based on the reality that people make choices and engage in activities in the pursuit of happiness.

The Freedom Model for Addictions combines a fully researched, educational curriculum coupled with experiential learning in a supportive environment that is specifically set up to encourage and assist our guests in achieving their goals.

The Saint Jude Retreat’s Freedom Model Program offers the only method in the United States that has an independent research company measure and then verify long term sobriety rates after a guest has returned home from completing The Freedom Model.

Independently Verified Success Rate

The Freedom Model, offered exclusively at The Saint Jude Retreats, is the only approach in the world that conducts ongoing, confidential follow-up surveys with the permission of program graduates and their families. Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., the parent company of The Saint Jude, is a research organization whose mission is to develop programs that help people to permanently overcome substance abuse, addiction and other habitual behavioral problems. Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. developed The Freedom Model approach as a result of nearly 30 years of research, and is the only program that continuously evolves based on ongoing research findings.