5 Things That Keep People From Addiction Treatment Alternatives

Don't Let These Reasons Keep You From The Freedom Model Program

What are 5 things That Keep People From Addiction Treatment Alternatives?Making the decision to get help for your substance use is difficult. As you consider your options for treatment you may be tempted to change your mind and not get the help you need. Money, fear, embarrassment, responsibilities at home and at work are all challenges that prevent many individuals from getting the help they so desperately need to take back control of their life. These are the 5 things that should not keep you from addiction treatment alternatives.

1. I cannot afford to go. Millions of people each year do not get the substance use help they need because they don't believe that they can afford the programs. Saint Jude's for instance works with finance companies that can work with eligible individuals. This option may be a good way to go because it allows you to spread the payment over many months. Another thing to consider is that some programs offer a discount to people who have to incur the entire cost out of pocket and sliding scales to individuals based on financial need. Others do not, so check out your options before to commiting to a program if cost is a factor. In addition, Saint Jude's has a scholarship program that can provide financial assistance for need based individuals. Paying for the program should not be a reason to not get the help you need for alcohol or drug use.

2. I don't want to be embarrassed. The opinion of others matters to everyone especially the opinions of family and coworkers. If your relationships with family, friends and coworkers are on shaky ground, or even if you have managed to keep your substance use concealed; having them find out that you are going into a substance use program may be a source of anxiety for you. However, if your substance use continues and you never get help, the end results could be that you lose your job, your family, friends and end up losing the respect of the people you didn't want to know. In the end, getting the help you need may save you from embarrassment.

3. I need to take care of my family. There are many benefits to seeking assistance for substance use in a residential program. Residential programs offer the opportunity to get away from all the temptations and pressure, to give you time to heal. If you have children and there is no one who can help you while you are away in a residential alcohol or drug program, perhaps you can still get assistance as an outpatient. If your substance use has had an impact on your family, they may be relieved that you are getting the help you need and take care of your family while you are in a alternative to treatment program.

4. I can't take time from work If you cannot cash in your vacation time at work so that you can attend a residential substance use program, then maybe an outpatient or home program will be more suitable for you. The important thing is that you get the help you need so that you don't lose your job because you did nothing at all.

5. I'm afraid. Not knowing what a substance use program will be like, is scary. You may have heard the stories about withdrawal symptoms and you may know someone who said that the treatment was so uncomfortable that they walked out without completing the treatment. It is natural that you may be afraid. Some individuals are afraid of what life will be like when they no longer need drugs and alcohol. At Saint Jude Retreats we do not use any treatment, our program is completely different and we can help you change those thoughts of fear into hope and excitement for a much happier future.

Saint Jude Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that can help you discover that you are not powerless against substance use and you can have a productive, positive and purposeful life without substance use permanently.

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