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A Happier Vision

Chapter 23: The Freedom Model

When you're caught up in the recovery culture, hope is lost. But it doesn't have to be this way. We have shown you the way out. Your wants and desires are your own. You don't have to rely on the recovery society and its doctrine, and you can let go of shame, fear, and self-hate to try to motivate a change in yourself. Being aware of your mental autonomy, free will, and positive drive, you now know this is just a choice and that it is fully yours. You are free to re-assess your options at any moment. We've given you information that helps you to do that more accurately. You may have already found your answer. Many find their answers before they come to us for help and simply need to be reassured that they are free to change. Many find it in the early chapters of the book. Many find new perspectives that allow for an abrupt sweeping change of mind about substance use. Others take longer and others still want to test the waters some more after learning The Freedom Model.

If you're still unsure of what you want you will not resolve the issue by wearing the self-image of the addict and beating yourself up with shame. Nor will you resolve it by making demands of yourself to just stop, use willpower, or grow up. It will be resolved by letting go of panic, slowing down, and moving forward with an open and inquisitive mind, intent on finding your happiest options. The knowledge gained here can put you on the road to incremental change if you're willing to stop seeing this as a matter of addiction, recovery, and relapses - and start seeing this as a matter of freely discovering and making your happier choices.

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