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About Saint Jude Retreats

The Original Non 12 Step Program

About Saint Jude Retreats

Providing Evidence Based Solutions to Addictions since 1992

A Brief History of the Origins of Saint Jude Retreats

In 1988, a career researcher, Mr. Gerald Brown, sought to determine the actual success rates for conventional rehab facilities, as well as 12 Step support groups, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. As he was conducting his research, he met the man who would become his research assistant, Mr. Mark Scheeren. After three years of intensive research, together they created the first social/educational model to help people to overcome drug and alcohol problems. The Original Non 12 Step Program was born in 1992, providing the solution to the ever-increasing substance use problem in the United States.

We opened the doors to our first retreat in February 1992, in a quaint village in the scenic Mohawk Valley Region of upstate New York. That first retreat was then called the Hagaman Guest House. Many of our early guests helped in our research and helped to rebuild our beautiful Victorian era home into the grandeur you see today. As the retreat was completed and our program evolved, the retreat was renamed the Saint Jude Retreat around 2000. Jerry and Mark were both Catholic and wanted to honor Saint Jude Thaddeus, the Patron Saint of the Hopeless for the help he had given them to overcome the challenges they faced while building the life-changing program. Even though the name is religious in Nature, it’s important to know, our program has no religious component to it. It is merely a name given to our facility for personal reasons. 

Development of The Original Non 12 Step Program: The Freedom Model

Over our nearly 30 year history, we have continued our research and updated our program curriculums based on that research. In 2017, the 14th Program update was released entitled, The Freedom Model for Addictions. This 450+ page curriculum was the culmination of nearly 30 years of research and experience helping people to overcome addiction. Guests and addiction researchers and professionals alike are all astonished with its thorough analysis of how people successfully change their lives. 

The Saint Jude Retreats Today

The Saint Jude Retreats highlight the true freedom people achieve through learning The Freedom Model Program. Currently, we operate one retreat house offering completely private instruction (all classes are one-on-one)  in a comfortable, homelike setting. Our retreat has a capacity for 6 people at a time, so space is extremely limited.  Guests who attend the Retreat are taught the program directly by addiction experts Mark Scheeren, Steven Slate, and Michelle Dunbar. No other program in the world offers exclusive access to the creators of The Original Non 12 Step Program.

Saint Jude Retreats and The Freedom Model continue to lead the way for the drug treatment industry as our program is continuously updated with the newest research. Our goal is to provide the most effective system and we build effectiveness into every aspect of it.  

Learn More about our History

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Saint Jude Retreats and The Freedom Model, you can read an extensive history at Baldwin Research Institute, Inc.  website. Simply click on the link below to learn more. 

Saint Jude Retreats and The Freedom Model History


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