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Abstinence Based Alcohol Treatment Rehab1 in 13 Americans will develop an alcohol problem and a majority of these Americans at some point will seek help. Currently 97% of alcohol programs are abstinence based treatment. An abstinence based alcohol rehab program supports complete sobriety as the only solution to overcoming alcohol problems and does not support moderation. Currently nearly all treatment programs incorporate the 12 steps, made famous by the creators of AA.

The 12 steps of AA were created in 1935 and now in 2013 treatment providers are still using the same techniques of treatment. AA is one of the most popular forms of treatment and has created the idea of complete abstinence from alcohol as the only way people can overcome alcohol problems. Dr Lance Dodes, author of "The Heart of Addiction" from Harvard University claims; "there's been 40 years of study that shows there's no gene for alcoholism."

Dodes continues by saying, "AA is not a professional organization and as a consequence they do not modify the treatment according to the results. They don't do any of the things we expect for treatment for an important problem."

In abstinence based alcohol treatment rehabs you are told how to live your life and are judged if you do otherwise. There are certain expectations that 12 step programs will have for their patients. At the Freedom Model the freedom model allows guests to make their own decisions and live how they desire. The Freedom Model program does not classify the program as either moderation based or abstinence based, but encourages people to figure out if alcohol is of any value to their life anymore. Once they understand that alcohol has no power over them, their thoughts or their decisions, they will be able to look at the choice to drink or not drink in a different light. They will be able to gain a better understanding of why they are drinking and why the feel so out of control.

As guests proceed through the Freedom Model Program, guests learn that they no longer have to react to stress and circumstances the same way, such as having a drink. This is not taught in 12 step programs, they teach people that they are diseased and cannot stop or change the brain disease they have developed.

There are many non 12 step programs that claim they do not incorporate the 12 steps of AA in their program. Some of these programs use holistic approaches such as yoga, acupuncture, talk therapy, meditation and various other methods. There has been no research that supports that holistic therapy can help someone overcome alcohol use problems. Many non 12 step programs do recommend AA meetings or participation in another 12 step program as part of the recovery or aftercare process. Freedom Model's does not recommend participation in 12 step programs because it presents the idea that relapse is normal when in fact it is not.

The foundation of many abstinence based alcohol rehab programs is religion. Since their belief is that addiction is an incurable disease, there is no cure, which is why 12 step programs use spirituality and religion as the only answer to becoming sober. In AA the 12 steps are designed for people to experience a religious conversion. While Freedom Model's respects an individual's beliefs, they do not incorporate any religious practices into the program and people are not required to believe in God or a higher power to change their behaviors. Freedom Model's approach is educational, powerful and motivational and helps each person to solve their drinking problem.

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