Acceptance And Drug Use

Accepting that you do have control is the key to success.

Acceptance And Drug UseFor a very long time, the drug and alcohol recovery community have been telling people who abuse drugs and alcohol that they have a predisposed genetic defect that destined them to become "abusers." However, at Freedom Model Retreats we know that is simply not true. Acceptance and drug use go hand in hand, once any individuals accepts that they do have control over their own life drug use does not seem "uncontrollable." In fact, accepting you do have control is liberating.

Society uses the word "addiction" as a way to excuse behavior. If you play video games all the time, then you have an "addiction" to videogames. If you eat too much chocolate then you are "addicted" to chocolate or if you shop too much then you are a shopaholic. Society uses the same rationale to excuse the behavior of people who abuse drugs and alcohol, labeling them drug addicts or alcohol addicts. If you seek help for your problem, the door is opened to a barrage of methods and theories that not only label you and your problem, but also tell you that it is not your fault, that it is your destiny.

Acceptance and drug use is very common. Many times a drug user may be seeking acceptance from peers, which they believe at the time is being solved by their drug use. Acceptance is different for everyone. For some they may be focused on the acceptance of family or friends. Some adult users may be seeking approval and acceptance of their parents, in regards to success and personal wealth. Others are trying to accept the person they have become, and if they are unhappy with the person they have developed into, this may lead to drug use, which they perceive as a "quick fix" to happiness. Whatever you may be seeking it will most likely not be resolved through drug use, but through our program you will find other avenues and paths to the life you desire.

Alcohol and drug treatment facilities and organizations attach labels to your problems and your life, Freedom Model Retreats does not use labels as a means to section off your problems, or put a slice of your life in a box. Our goal is to help you accept that your drug and alcohol use is a choice that you make that is under your direct control. Once you realize and accept that you are not destined to be a "druggie" or an alcoholic, you will finally be able to break the cycle and build new behaviors and habits that will change your life forever.

The non-treatment program offered exclusively at Freedom Model Retreats recognizes that drug and alcohol use is a learned behavior than becomes a habit. But like all habits you have the power to change it. We are not a drug treatment or rehab facility. We do not offer drug substitutes that transition you from one substance to another and we are not a 12 step program that forces our guests into group therapy and counseling sessions that are demeaning and un-productive.

While those methods promote the belief that digging deep into your past to find reasons for current problems makes your treatment successful, the truth is just the opposite. Therapy and counseling provide excuses for behavior and often fails to account for personal responsibility and choice. Ongoing counseling and therapy can actually stifle individualism and creativity. Substance users then can become dependent on therapy medications and meetings. In the end, the cycle is not broken, but continues endlessly and so does the treatment. The individual is never cured, the overuse never ends and they are left with a tremendous lack of self confidence, no self control and no hope for their future.

Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program and our research has shown that your use of alcohol and drugs is not a disease or based on a genetic disorder, but is a choice that you make. Our guests accept that just as they choose to use drugs and alcohol, they can choose not to use drugs and alcohol. Our guests develop a greater self confidence and strength and they find a sense of purpose as they recognize that a change in behavior and thoughts gives them the power to break the cycle of their use once and for all.

Our program does not incorporate any 12 steps methods, like so many other programs claiming to be non 12 step, do incorporate as part of their recovery methods. Our goal is to help our guests change themselves through education, kindness and compassion. Our purpose is to build up our guests through support and compassion and to help them realize that they have the power to change their situation and that they are worth saving.

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