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The Cost of Rehab vs. the Cost of Addiction

The Cost of Rehab vs. the Cost of Addiction

The Cost of Rehab vs. the Cost of Addiction

Going to rehab can be very expensive. Even when you go to an addiction treatment center who accepts your insurance there are usually significant out-of-pocket expenses. While we constantly hear about the high cost of getting treatment and going into rehab, many people seem to overlook the very high cost of addiction. Certainly buying street drugs and large amounts of alcohol can get very expensive, to the tune of several hundred to several thousand dollars each week, but there are many more costs associated with heavy substance use. Damaged relationships, loss of jobs and potentially loss of an entire career, loss of your driver’s license or professional license and loss of freedom are just a few of the high costs people pay for their heavy substance use. There can be legal fees from arrests associated with substance use, and probably the greatest cost people pay is with their health and in extreme cases, their lives. Many treatment programs will go to this worst case scenario to scare you or your family into paying for their very expensive treatment. If you encounter a treatment provider using this tactic, you may want to keep looking. This fear mongering will give you a glimpse into the kind of treatment they provide which is largely fear mongering, half-truths and lies. The truth is most people can and do stop their addictions on their own when they get tired of paying the high costs for their addiction. But if you’ve tried to stop on your own and continue to struggle, there is real help available. Finding the right help for you can be life-saving and will be a great investment in your future.


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