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The Freedom Model Program at Saint Jude Retreats is the only approach to addiction which continuously evolves based on research and results.

The Freedom Model Program is the Original Non 12 Step Alternative Program an is offered exclusively at The Saint Jude Retreat is the only approach to addiction that conducts ongoing, confidential, follow-up surveys with the permission of program graduates and their families.. All published success rate surveys are completed by third-party independent research firms.

Our published reports, (which you can look at and study, or download by clicking on the links below) independent research companies have conducted three separate surveys of our retreat graduates to ascertain the abstinence-based success rate of The Saint Jude Retreat graduates. In the survey, Freedom Model Program graduates are selected at random by an independent firm, (i.e. Clearwater Research Inc., in 2008,) and are then surveyed by phone interview as to the status of their substance use. A second and separate call is placed to the graduate’s family and they, too, are surveyed to validate or invalidate each graduate’s response. The survey consists of a single inquiry pertaining to the alcohol and drug use of the individual. The answers are gathered from the graduate and the family combined. The survey is set up to include only two categories: “using” and “not using”. Those who may have successfully moderated their use must be included in the “using” category for research purposes to eliminate the gray areas that many facilities use to bolster their claims of success. In other words, Saint Jude’s does not bias the research in the “not using” category by using this parameter.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are researching different alcohol treatment or drug treatment facilities, and they claim to have success rate statistics, we strongly recommend you ask every treatment center you talk to, “where do you get your statistics?” and also to ask specifically for the study documents and the independent research firms names. You will find, as we have, that no other program in the world has a third party independent abstinent rate study; not one. In short, they make up their success rates – they lie. Self-measured statistics, as you know, are not by any means, trustworthy. Do not be shy to ask where their published documentation is. You might be surprised to find that only Saint Jude’s has published post-program rates of abstinence. All other programs self-measure, lie, or simply don’t measure their own performance at all.

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