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Information About Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Dependency HelpIf you are in need of alcohol dependency help, there are many options available. Whether you want to enter a detox program, a rehab program, to get help on an inpatient or outpatient basis, finding the right alcohol dependency program is half the battle.

An alcohol detox center is where those who need it go to have the toxins eliminated from their bodies. It is important to know that not everyone needs alcohol detox. Your doctor can tell you if you would benefit from the process.

Metadone Clinics

Alcohol dependency help is available on an outpatient basis, such as methadone clinics. Methadone clinics use the drug methadone, or sometimes suboxone, in an effort to transition you from drinking to either one of the drugs, and then from the drug to abstinence from alcohol. You should know that methadone and suboxone are opiates, from the same family of drugs as oxycontin and morphine. If you use this method, you are trading alcohol for an opiate narcotic. Some people simply become addicted to the "transition" drug of methadone or suboxone.

Holistic approaches to alcohol dependency help use yoga, vitamin therapy, acupuncture, massage, exercise, meditation, equine (horse) therapy, dance, music and other techniques. They offer a mind, body and spirit experience in an effort to help people become sober. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that any of the techniques used in holistic approaches are effective.

12 Step Programs

Use of the 12 steps is a traditional approach to alcohol dependency help. Twelve step programs are based on the belief that alcoholism is a chronic disease, that alcoholics will always be addicted to alcohol, that they must submit their will to God or a Higher Power, that they must forever abstain from alcohol, that if they consume even a sip of alcohol they will experience "loss of control," that they must attend 12 step meetings, and that they must constantly be on guard against relapsing. Although the major 12 step program, Alcoholics Anonymous, reports having over two million members, its success rate is no more than five percent.

An alternative approach to alcohol dependency help is Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE). Available only at the Freedom Model Retreats Program. CBE is highly effective in helping people become and remain sober. The truth is you do not have to depend on alcohol the rest of your life to get through hard times. There are constructive ways to deal with program and look at life differently, that is what makes the Freedom Model Retreats approach not only unique but effective.


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