Do Long Term Recovery Programs Work?

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Traditional Treatment And The Disease Theory Of Addiction

Do Long Term Recovery Programs Work?

Traditional treatment programs such as 12 step programs, advocate the false idea that substance use is a disease and that the individual has an addict or alcoholic gene and there is no cure. These types of programs promote the idea that you will need lifelong counseling and group therapy – for the rest of your life. 12 step programs tell their members that relapse is a certainty and you have no control. They also support the idea that only belief in a higher power and abstinence can help you, but you are basically powerless and hopeless.

You are probably wondering about now, if traditional treatment programs offer no cure, no successful treatment and no hope, do long term recovery programs work? The question you should be asking is whether or not you need a long term recovery program. If these types of programs promote a feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness; suggesting that you are diseased for the rest of your life, do you need or do you even want to be part of a program like that?

Why have You Developed The Behavior

To truly overcome a substance use issue, you need to first realize why you have developed the behavior of drugging or drinking. Is it because you're bored, sad, depressed, angry, going through a divorce? These life issues do not cause you to physically use substance, but may be an excuse to use. For you to move beyond using, you need to tackle these issues head on and realize they won't go away through instant gratifications such as drinking or drugging.

While recovery programs do offer talk therapy sessions with an addiction counselor, the issue of using substance is excused because you are told you're diseased. Many 12 step programs also believe the only way someone can move beyond using is to stay in a program forever or attend AA meetings on a weekly basis. But this theory is flawed as it promotes the idea that you're forever captured by a disease! It also promotes that idea that if you NEED to attend these follow up programs to stay clean or sober. Wouldn't you like to be liberated once and for all?

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