Effects Of Ecstasy In Pregnant Women

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Ecstasy Is Detrimental To You And The Baby

Effects Of Ecstasy In Pregnant WomenYou have heard it said many times that when you are pregnant you are eating for two. The reality is that during pregnancy, everything you consume can directly impact your baby. Scientific research has proven that taking Ecstasy during your pregnancy can have a detrimental effect not just on your health, but also to your baby's.

Recent research on the effects of Ectasy in pregnant women include increased risk of giving birth to infants who show delayed development and motor coordination problems at the age of four months. One reason for slowed motor coordination may be related to the fact that serotonin is reduced during Ecstasy use. Infants born to mothers who used the drug during pregnancy are also more likely to experience problems with eye-hand coordination, difficulty holding their heads up, and trouble performing simple acts such as rolling from side to back and sitting up.

Any Substance Use Can Have An Impact

Clearly, the negative side effects and dangers of Ecstasy use in pregnant women outweigh any fleeting pleasures of using the drug and should be avoided. In fact, any substance abuse during pregnancy can have an impact on the baby's development including infant size and the health of the heart, brain and lungs. It can also lead to physical and emotional problems as well as learning disabilities later in life. It is important to stop using Ecstasy as soon as you decide to become pregnant to avoid any health risks.

To help you stop your drug use while you are pregnant, you may find it necessary to enter a detox program. While there is no recommended detox for Ecstasy, some women experience other forms of substance abuse and depending on the type, you may need to enter detox. The purpose of detox is to remove the toxic chemicals from your body. However you should consult with your OB-GYN before you do anything that could impact your baby.

Regain Control

The non-religious Freedom Model Retreats offer the very effective Cognitive Behavioral Education program to help guests control or eliminate their use of drugs. Guests learn how to prioritize their personal goals, self-evaluate their choices, learn how to make choices that promote the achievement of their goals, and develop behavior patterns that help them enjoy a fulfilling life free of drug use problems.

Independently conducted research has found that past guests of the non-profit St. Jude program have at least a 62% long term success rate in maintaining sober and clean lifestyles.


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