Recognizing Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Can you recognize the signs of alcohol and drug addiction in a loved one? Learn more about it from Freedom Model Retreats.

Recognizing Alcohol and Drug AddictionRecognizing alcohol and drug addiction is not always easy. It's natural to see each possible sign as a separate, independent event or problem rather than as part of a larger pattern. Many alcohol or drug rehabs will try to diagnose you with a medical disorder of addiction. There has been no evidence that addiction is a real disease and there are no verifiable definitions of symptoms. However, it is important to be honest with yourself and confront your alcohol or drug issues to create a happier life for yourself.

Here are a number of possible signs to help in recognizing alcohol and drug addiction:

  • Do you worry or upset family or friends with your substance use?
  • Have you committed a crime due to substance use?
  • Are you constantly getting into physical or verbal arguments with others regarding your alcohol or drug use?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding places or friends who typically don't have alcohol or drugs around?
  • Have you tried to limit your substance use with little success?
  • Do you black out often from either drug use or alcohol use?
  • Are you hung-over/sick from drinking more than 3 to 4 times a week?
  • Do you gravitate towards people who heavily use drugs or alcohol?
  • Are you always the first one overly intoxicated?
  • Do you use alcohol or drugs when you feel upset, angry, resentful or to deal with difficult times in your life?
  • Do you believe or have been told you have a serious problem with substance use?
  • Do you hide your alcohol use or drug use from a parent, spouse, relative, or coworkers?

The greater the number of the above questions that apply to you, the greater the chance that you might have a problem with drinking or drugging. If you want either to reduce or to quit your use of alcohol or drugs, you can do so though an effective non-treatment alternative to rehab.

The most important thing you can do is avoid a 12 Step rehab or treatment program. These types of programs believe in the disease theory of addiction and will label you with the incurable disease of addiction. After hearing continuously that you're sick or genetically pre-disposed to heavy substance use, you may ultimately begin to believe it yourself. These programs also believe in a connection between substance use and your emotional issues. Your use and your emotional concerns must be looked at as two separate issues and resolved separately as well. This is one of the many differences a stay at the Freedom Model Retreats program can make for you.

The non-profit Freedom Model Retreats provides a non-treatment approach because alcoholism or drug use aren't diseases or addictions, but behaviors. The highly effective Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE) program helps guests prioritize their personal goals, self-evaluate their behaviors, learn how to make choices that promote achieving their goals, and create positive behavioral patterns that help them enjoy purposeful lives free of alcohol or drug abuse.

At Freedom Model Retreats, you can move beyond self-limiting habits such as drug use or alcohol use and change your life. Our program will give you the courage you need to face your past and move constructively towards a new future. Call now 888.424.2626.


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