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You Can Have A Future Without Recovery From Alcoholism

Recovery From AlcoholismMaking the choice to stop excessive alcohol consumption is a positive step toward overcoming the difficulties that alcohol use may have created in your life. Some rehab treatment organizations use the motto "one day at a time" and they state that when you are in recovery from alcoholism that is how you must approach life to maintain sobriety. However, you can still set goals and make plans for your future…a future that will not include alcohol.

You may have been told that recovery from alcoholism is impossible, but most people successfully overcome serious alcohol problems when they make a commitment to do so. As you move forward on your commitment to change you will experience new excitement as you realize that life without alcohol will give you a whole new outlook and perspective on life.

A Variety Of Programs To Choose From

One of the first decisions you need to make is if you will attend a program and if so, what program you will use to help you begin recovery from alcoholism. There are many programs available to you and some have profound differences in their approach and in their belief structure. It is very important that you select a program to help you that shares your vision of your future life.

Among the different programs available are programs that offer a natural approach – those are holistic alcohol rehab programs. These programs use remedies from the Far East such as acupuncture, meditation and yoga to help you get to a place that provides healing for the mind, body and spirit. These practices offer relaxation techniques and peace of mind for the individuals to find relief. Holistic programs are not recommended for everyone as heavy, chronic alcohol users may require a medical detox program.

12 Steps

12 steps programs such as A.A. are the most popular recovery from alcoholism programs. 12 steps programs offer some relatively harsh and strict philosophies such as their belief that alcoholism is an incurable brain disease that you inherited from your family. They espouse that the only treatment available is belief in a higher power, meetings for the rest of your life and abstinence. 12 steps programs label you an alcoholic forever and tell you that relapse is an expected part of recovery. Fear is your primary motivator to stay sober. This really sounds like doom and gloom and hopeless. If there is no hope, then what is the point?

12 steps based treatment programs as well as some treatment programs who claim to be non-12-step suggest that because the brain undergoes changes from alcohol use that it is an incurable disease, however, independent researchers have shown that those changes in the brain can be remapped or rewired. Alcoholism is not a disease at all, but a habitual behavior and a choice. Programs that offer cognitive behavioral education teach how to change habits, behaviors and choices through an intensive process of education, self evaluation and self-directed change.


Freedom Model Retreats uses their proprietary cognitive behavioral education in their alcohol program. The Freedom Model Program is not a 12 step program; it is the first non-treatment program available. The Retreats have been helping people overcome alcohol use problems for more than 20 years and they can help you too.


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