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Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction Helpful InformationAddiction, also known as an attachment or dedication, is a term used commonly today to describe any excessive, habitual behavior problem. People describe themselves as addicted to alcohol and drugs; but there are also those who believe they have food addictions, sex addictions, internet and shopping addictions; and gambling addictions. What all of these addictions have in common is they are actually behaviors.

The good news about a behavior is, it is a choice. If you have come to our site seeking addiction treatment for yourself or for your loved one, please take a second to think about the following. Are people incapable of overcoming alcoholism? Mainstream society, the mental health and medical community and the drug treatment industry would have you believe that people cannot overcome addiction or fully recover once addicted.

However, the next logical question is, are people capable of changing their behavior, or even changing their mind? I'm sure you would agree, of course they are. While it is true that habits can be well entrenched into a person's psyche and life, each one of us has the immense power of choice. As such we can choose our behaviors; we can change our behaviors and we can be whoever it is we want to be.

The truth is most people simply mature out of the substance abusing lifestyle as different things become important in their lives. But there are those few who continuously struggle setting goals, making priorities and bringing their behavior in line with those goals.

They do not deal with stress constructively, and may become mired in depression, anxiety and/or guilt and have developed the avoidance behavior patterns, using substances as a temporary escape, only to exacerbate their problems.

It is for these people that the Freedom Model Program was developed, to provide help for those who need it the most, in a comfortable and positive environment. People with substance abuse problems do not need labels, like alcoholic or addict; they do not need rehab or treatment; and they do not need to be treated like children or criminals. People with substance abuse problems need the truth; they need empowerment and they need kindness.

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