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Addiction Treatment For TeensTeens with substance use problems, are not only risking their health, but their futures as well. Important changes occur between the ages of 12 and 20, including developmental and physical changes. Teens that use drug and alcohol put their development at risk. Getting addiction treatment for teens may seem like the right option, however if you want them regain control of their life over substance use there are better options available.

Substance Use Treatment for Teens

If your teen is unable to stop their drug or alcohol use, they may need to enter a program. A program that is geared toward teens will focus on peer pressure, school progress and making decisions and choices. If your teen needs detox first, IV therapy medical detox is considered by many doctors to be the safest, most effective and all around best detox program available.

Traditional Addiction Treatment Approaches for Teens

Traditional treatment programs use a 12 step model for treatment. The 12 step model emphasizes the false idea that your teen's drug and alcohol use is a brain disease that they inherited from their parents. Programs that are 12 step oriented support an alcoholic and addiction gene theory and teach that your teen is powerless to stop their substance use. For a teen going through substance use, and trying to get better; being told that they are a drug addict or an alcoholic and that is all they will ever be – may cause more damage than good. In fact, research shows that a teen who attends a program that is 12 steps based, is more likely to repeat their drug use than a teen who attends an alternative program.

A Program That will Provide Your Teen with a Solution Specifically

Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program. We offer a six week program that is based on cognitive behavioral education and teaches our guests how to use self assessment and self change to make decisions and choices that are productive and positive and to form habits and behaviors that are enriching. Teens learn how to increase their self confidence and realize that they are not diseased and that they have the strength to overcome their substance use permanently.

Families are Welcomed

Families are encouraged to follow along the Freedom Model program with their teen on a website that was created especially for our guests' family. The website has information that is relevant to the program, along with the sample lessons that your teen will be completing. Families are also encouraged to visit their family member.

P.R.E.P. for Teens

After completing the six week program, many teens find that they can benefit from staying and completing the Young Adult program which gives them additional time to focus on some of the challenges that they will face when they return home such as academic goals and progress, relationships with friends and family and how they spend their time; as well as job opportunities. The P.R.E.P. – Personal Review and Enhancement Program at Freedom Model Retreats will help prepare these young adults with the life skills that they will need to complete college applications, prepare for careers or military service.


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