Addiction Treatment Issues To Consider

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Common Issues In Addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment Issues To ConsiderEntering a program to get help for your substance use is an opportunity to take back control of your life. So, it is important that you choose a program that will help you be successful. There are many drug and alcohol rehab programs available and many addiction treatment issues to consider.

  • Traditional inpatient hospital treatment programs have for many years housed patients in psychiatric wards, units or on psych floors. Patients have been isolated from other patients and even kept on lockdown.
  • Individuals in treatment centers are often not allowed to bring in any personal items. That means no cell phones and no computers. In fact, many facilities will not allow anything that can be plugged into a wall outlet. If patients want to call their immediate family members they have to do so from the nurses' station.
  • Some traditional inpatient hospital facilities do not believe in allowing patients comfort because their philosophy is that if substance users are uncomfortable, then they will be less likely to return to their substance use.
  • Most traditional inpatient treatment programs require their patients to participate in a 12 step program both during and after treatment.
  • Twelve step programs promote the discredited idea that drug and alcohol use is a disease against which people are powerless.
  • Twelve step programs teach that the only treatments against drug and alcohol use are belief in a Higher Power to deliver users from continuing to use, abstinence, and attending 12 step meetings for life.
  • Twelve step programs use judgments, labeling, and manipulation to pressure and control their members. They tell members that they are alcoholics and drug addicts who will need to attend 12 step meetings for the rest of their lives.
  • Twelve step meetings often include of angry and bitter individuals who use the meetings as a place to vent their hostilities toward others.
  • Traditional treatment and 12 step programs do not prepare individuals for real life, but rather encourage their patients and members to remain in a web of guilt and shame instead of preparing them to succeed.

These are some of the important addiction treatment issues to consider as you search for help. Family Consultants at Freedom Model Retreats would be happy to discuss any of these with your or a loved one going through a substance use problem.

The Retreats offers the only true alternative to traditional treatment and 12 step programs with a non-treatment program. Our program uses Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE) to teach guests how to self-assess their past, present, and future. Create future goals and a plan to stick to them and most importantly how to make choices that are positive and productive in achieving these goals. Guests learn to develop behavior patterns that will not only enhance their lives, but will lead them to a more purposeful and happy future.

Here you will build confidence, self-esteem and courage. Our staff does make moral judgments, use labels, or manipulate guest to try to control them, but give them the tools to create a new future after they complete the program. Guests realize that they don't need counseling and group meetings for the rest of their lives to go on to have a life that is finally free from substance use. We are ready to help you change!


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