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Campral Drug Rehab

Campral can be used to make detox a little easier. Here's everything you need to know before deciding.

Campral Drug RehabAs you explore your detox and rehab options, you may find that some programs incorporate Campral (Acamprosate) into their treatment methods. Before you decide how to tackle your substance use, it's important to learn the benefits and consequences of pharmaceutical assistance. Campral, in particular, is used to prevent alcohol use, so whether you want to stop drinking completely or moderate your use, make sure you understand the following information about this drug.

Softens the Blow of Detox

Alcohol withdrawal itself can be dangerous without medical assistance, so if you require a medical detox regimen to transition into sobriety, you may receive Campral on a short-term basis. It can help to stabilize the effects of alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal, allowing your body to safely function after long,uninterrupted periods of substance use. However, short-term detox regimens are not the primary reasons for most Campral prescriptions.

Helps to Prevent Alcohol Use

Campral used in drug rehabs is almost always a long-term, ongoing process. It stimulates natural sedatives within the brain. Three daily doses are required for it to stay effective. As a result, more than a million former drinkers rely on it every day to reduce their urge to drink.

Campral is only recommended in conjunction with counseling and other treatment options, and it won't work if alcohol's still in your system. However, the emotions it is intended to repress can return as soon as you stop taking it, so don't make a hasty decision about relying long term on this prescription.

Prevents Broken Commitments

Most 12-Step programs and traditional rehab centers take an all-or-nothing approach to substance use and sobriety. If a participant breaks their commitment and has another drink, these programs use heavily stigmatized terms like "relapse" to describe this misstep. Because researchers have linked Campral to fewer or less severe relapses, it's an attractive option for those who believe that drinking anything again will invalidate their previous progress.

You Can Control Your Substance Use Habit Without MAT Drugs

No substance can take away the progress you make in getting sober and moving forward. If you take a pill because you're so afraid you’ll break your commitment, you place too much pressure on yourself and grant too much power to alcohol. Self-awareness and self-discipline in change are possible with or without Campral, and everyone's journey is unique.

Because we emphasize personal empowerment and accountability at Freedom Model Retreats, our guests cannot rely on Campral or any other medication assisted treatment drug (MAT) to change their drinking habits. Instead, our guests learn how they've limited their own options by choosing excessive drinking over healthier, more effective habits. We don’t substitute dependence on one drug for another. Our program is about you regaining confidence in depending on yourself to make good decisions, including those about substance use.

The great news is realizing you have the power to control your drinking habit means you can change your habit to one that benefits you more and supports the kind of life and dreams you want to achieve. You never have to depend on a drink, a pill, or anything outside of you for control again.

No pill, no drink, no drug can replace your own ability to cope with life and its stressors in productive ways. If you don't want to use alcohol anymore or you want to lessen your use, feel free to call us for more information. Our Family Consultants can help you learn more about our transformational program and whether it’s a good fit for you in making a substance use change a reality.


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