Executive Addiction Treatment

Learn How An Alterantive To Executive Addiction Treatment Can Help You Overcome Substance Use

Executive Addiction TreatmentThe purpose of executive addiction treatment facilities is to provide assistance to career professionals that are struggling with substance use issues. In most cases, executive addiction treatment facilities are situated in private settings and provide a certain amount of exclusivity and confidentiality to allow the professional time to overcome their substance use and get better.

A common misconception that some people have of substance use is that once they have completed the detoxification process, they are free from their drug or alcohol use and they can begin their life fresh without any further programs and without any further drug and alcohol use. However, many substance users experience physical symptoms and cravings and as a result in many cases result in repeat substance use.

Once you have completed detox, it may be necessary for you to enroll in an executive addiction treatment program that can help you rebuild your life and develop the skills that you may need to avoid returning to drug and alcohol use. There are a number of programs offered but you should thoroughly look into the success rates before enrolling or entering a traditional treatment or rehab program. This is largely because some traditional programs exaggerate or claim their success rate is higher than possible. Because you time and future is extremely important, make sure the program has a proven solution, and feel free to ask these questions, you certainly do not want to continually enroll in the same type of program without results.

As a busy executive, it may be important that the program that you enroll in makes it possible for you to continue to conduct business, so it may be necessary for you to have access to your cell phone, laptop, printing and faxing capabilities. You will need reliable communication services such as high speed internet and Wi-Fi. Certain traditional executive addiction treatment programs may restrict outside communication, as well as your cell phone and laptop. Your needs are unique, so it is important that you work with a program that can meet your needs while helping you at the same time.

Traditional executive addiction treatment programs make use of large group settings and meetings with a diverse mixture of clients that other than substance use may have nothing in common with you. Traditional programs promote a sense of anonymity. If you are an executive within your corporation’s structure, you may not feel comfortable exposing yourself completely in large group settings. There are programs that offer small (no more than 3 persons) groups and one on one meetings and counseling.

Traditional drug and alcohol use treatment programs promote the idea that you will need treatment for the rest of your life which will include meetings, abstinence and belief in a higher power. These traditional programs share the belief that your substance use stems from a disease and that it is incurable, hence the reason for lifelong treatment. This may or may not be convenient for you and too, you may wonder, is it really necessary? There are programs available that will not require lifelong meetings, abstinence and religious beliefs and may actually get you better results.

A program such as Freedom Model Retreats that uses the methodologies of Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE) does not support the substance use is a disease theory and it does not promote lifelong treatment. CBE teaches individuals to use both self change and self assessment techniques to reevaluate decisions and choices regarding substance use and to make better choices going forward for a productive future. Freedom Model Retreats is one of the only programs with a verified success rate and proven solution for alcohol and drug use.


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