s Is the Stay at Home Mom the New Face of Addiction?

Is the Stay at Home Mom the New Face of Addiction?

Addiction comes in all shapes and forms. Stay-at-home moms are not immune to the dangers, or the stigmas.

stay at home moms addictionIn the 1960's, Valium earned the nickname "mother's helper" because so many stressed stay-at-home moms relied on it. In the 1970's, homemakers exchanged Quaaludes like candy in suburban neighborhoods, hoping the sedatives would cure their boredom or loosen their inhibitions. Today, there are far fewer stay-at-home moms — but far more prescription medications available. As a result, a whole new generation of mothers is stuck with a reputation for drug addiction.

In reality, women with children actually aren't more likely to take pills recreationally. However, women are more likely to receive prescriptions for some of the most appealing drugs, such as the stimulant Adderall and the painkiller Oxycontin. They're also more likely to deal with the following struggles.

Financial Pressures

Women are no longer expected to stay at home full-time and raise the kids while their husbands work. More women go to work today however they still earn less than men do, and when they have kids, they're still expected to provide the majority of the childcare. Quite simply, married mothers face financial and social obstacles that men simply don't.

To make matters worse, families that need a second income usually can't afford the cost of child care. As a result, many women are stay at home moms out of economic necessity. They pay the bills, balance the budget, buy the groceries, and make sure the kids get checkups, so when it's difficult to make ends meet, they get to deal with the anxiety of cutting costs and worrying about the future.

Multitasking Demands

Some women work from home in order to be closer to their kids. Telecommuting eliminates big costs like gas and childcare, but it isn't a guarantee of a better work/life balance. It's difficult to stay productive when you're surrounded by distractions, and when work and home are the same place, it's hard to tell the difference between distractions and obligations.

When women stop and start working throughout the day, they have to make up for the difference later. Longer hours and inconsistent schedules can throw sleep cycles out of whack. Whether they need help falling asleep fast or staying awake to work, there's always a prescription pill with a short-term solution.

High Expectations

No matter what, women face scrutiny for their child-rearing choices, and it's easy to turn social expectations inwards and hold themselves to high standards. Some women find that ADHD medications, such as Ritalin, make it easier to multitask or complete extensive projects for their kids. Once those high standards are set, some women incorporate the pills into their everyday routine in an effort to keep meeting them.

Blogs and message boards are great resources for new moms, but the Internet is a double-edged sword when it comes to parenting advice. Modern moms are inundated with information from the media and other moms, and it's hard to keep up with all of it.

If you face all of these struggles, drug use isn't your only option. As a mom, you're already strong enough to make better choices for you and your family. If you'd like to continue to be the great mom and wife you already are without being dependent on pills for support, Freedom Model Retreats can help you. Call today and speak to one of our Family Consultants who can provide you with information on our program that can help you change your life with complete privacy and help you reset your priorities to the happiness of you and your family.


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