What Options Do I have For Cocaine Treatment?

Freedom Model Retreats Provides A Non Treatment Approach For Cocaine Use

Stopping Cocaine Use With Treatment Strategies

What Options Do I have For Cocaine Treatment?If you are ready to stop using cocaine and want to know what options you have for cocaine treatment, there are some different strategies to help you quit your drug use. The good news is that cocaine is a water soluble drug and does not have physical dependency characteristics and no withdrawal. As such, there is no detoxification needed to quit cocaine. On the downside, there may be habitual patterns that develop associated with cocaine use and so you may want to consider a program to help you overcome your use.

Individuals who use cocaine experience a roller coaster effect of up and down. It is not uncommon to have a deep sense of depression, fear, feeling isolated, anxious, despair, mood swings and hallucinations. Seeking assistance from a program that can help you work through these reasons why you use, to eventually help you overcome your cocaine use.

12 Step Program

A traditional option for cocaine treatment is becoming a member in a 12 step program such as Cocaine Anonymous. A 12 step program will offer a network of support from other cocaine users and former users which will give you someone to talk through your desire to return to cocaine. However, 12 step programs hold to an idea that all drug use is a genetic disease that has no cure.

According to 12 step philosophy the only treatment available is surrendering your cocaine use to a higher power, attending meetings and therapy for the rest of your life and abstinence. With regard to abstinence, 12 steps ideology is that you are powerless in your cocaine use and you will not be able to abstain indefinitely and will relapse. Although this method of thinking seems to be bleak and hopeless, the program may work for some, but the reality is that 12 step programs have a 95 percent dropout rate.

Hollistic Programs

Alternative options for cocaine treatment include holistic programs which offer Eastern methodologies such as yoga, meditation, vitamin therapy and acupuncture to help deal with the psychological symptoms of quitting cocaine use. This is a mind, body and spirit approach that is very effective for some people but not for everyone.


Still, another option for cocaine use is cognitive behavioral education (CBE), offered exclusively at Freedom Model Retreats, which holds an opposite view to 12 step programs by recognizing drug use as a choice and not a disease. The reality is that there is no real evidence that drug use is a disease and there is no proof that an addiction gene exists. In cognitive behavioral education individuals learn that they can overcome their cocaine use by using self change and self evaluation to make more productive choices and to develop positive habits and behaviors.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a six week, cognitive behavioral education program to help guests overcome their substance use. We are not a 12 step program, we are a non-treatment program. Our guests see an increase in their self confidence and in their self esteem and they are empowered. Our guests discover that they are not victims and they are not powerless against their cocaine use and can have a life that is permanently free from drug use.


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