After doing some research online, I have to wonder if 12 step luxury alcohol rehabs are worth the expense? After all they offer the same therapy model that has been ineffective for alcohol and drug users for decades. It saddens me to realize that people are spending money on a treatment program that will not only leave them broke, but also with a continuing drug and/or alcohol problem. One of the most important factors that contribute to the outcome of a substance user’s success is the philosophy behind the program they enroll into.

Although luxury rehabs are extravagant and outwardly beautiful, they teach the same drug and alcohol treatment model as AA, which has a self reported 5% success rate. The truth behind the matter is…luxury rehabs can offer all the amenities and luxuries an individual may want, but luxuries should not out-weigh the real reason why you are there and that is to make an effective choice to stop using.

Along with the outrageous expense, there have been numerous incidents where confidentiality was not top priority for guests of 12 step luxury rehab and their private admission papers and/or diagnosis were released to the media. If privacy and confidentiality mattered to these programs why would there always be something in OK magazine or the news about another celebrity rehab story?

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller had her private admission papers released to the media from a luxury rehab in Malibu she attended back in 2010. The rehab admitted to the leak, but at that point the damage was done. Obviously someone is selling the news! Which breaks every rule in the book! Why would a treatment facility try to get good PR from someone being so “sick with addiction.” Obviously they are trying to make their facility the next celeb hot spot, which is so wrong. Maybe celebrities can deal with this negative publicity but highly influential people who’s reputations are on the line, deserve to have some say in the matter and deal with their issue in privacy.

Unlike ineffective 12 step programs that these rehabs model themselves after, Saint Jude Retreats offers an Executive Retreat which is truly private and confidential, and has a twenty year history of evidence based, independently verified results. Since St. Jude’s is not a treatment facility, but rather a choice-based, educational model, and there are no diagnosis nor any disease labels.

With Saint Jude’s non-disease bases program are no admission papers that can later be used to harm a guest’s reputation. St. Jude’s has no medical paperwork of guests due to the fact that the organization is based on education and does not provide any sort of treatment to their guests.

At Saint Jude’s guests receive the benefits of a luxury rehab without being labeled as an addict, nor will they ever be placed on lock down. Saint Jude Retreat guests are treated with the highest respect, hence the term guest and not patient or client.