Our video below reveals the truth… AA is more interested in creating alcoholics than actually helping people with drinking problems.

Want to create lifetime dependents? Lifetime evangelists? Lifetime customers? Tell them they’re chronically ill, and the only way to keep their disease from killing them is to join your organization.

This is what AA does. It’s what they always have done, and when you consider that the best estimates for success with AA are in the 5-10% range… you have to admit… it’s damn good marketing. Convince people they’re sick, and that the only effective treatment is a statistically ineffective program, and you have a recipe for a cult, not a solution.

With this in mind, we took the survey upon which AA was built, “AA’s Twenty Questions,” to task. We brought it to a place where we were sure to find a good mix of survey takers, and tried to find one person… JUST ONE… who was not, according to Alcoholics Anonymous, an alcoholic. Here are the results.

Want to find out if you’re an alcoholic (like everyone else)? Take the test!