At Saint Jude Retreats, we believe in true confidentiality. If you don’t want people to know you or a loved one has been spending time with us through our retreat facility, don’t tell them. We won’t.

There are many facilities that provide addiction treatment services for drugs and alcohol. They may claim confidentiality, but they are not truly confidential. When they operate under the assumption or belief that problems with drugs and alcohol are psychological or an illness, they are considered a medical treatment facility and are required by US law to keep records. Those that provide therapy to treat addictions are also required to keep records.  Government agencies have access to the records, particularly financial ones when there is billing or funding involving federal, state or local programs. When health insurance is used to cover the treatment of any medical condition – including addiction treatment or alcohol rehab – these records are then accessible by insurance agencies, underwriters and third-party payers.

Saint Jude Retreats does not believe in the theory that problems with alcohol and drugs are the results of addiction, psychological disorders, medical conditions or illnesses. We believe that behavior is the problem, not the alcohol or substance itself. This is not a medical condition improved through treatment or therapy, so government programs and most health insurance won’t cover what we do. While this may be a financial disservice to those who need assistance, it does ensure confidentiality. We do have payment plans, and we can work with you without dispersing your information to other people. Contact us to find out how.