Alcohol and drug rehabs is big business that generates billions of dollars of revenue. For example, a 122 bed treatment program in Chicago was recently bought for $90 million dollars because its profits were described as being “through the roof.”

In this environment, marketing to obtain patients (customers) is fierce and often deceptive or even completely dishonest. Some companies claim to be accredited by organizations that don’t even accredit or claim memberships they don’t hold. Some even falsely present themselves online as independent referral services when they’re actually sales offices of the rehab companies that own them. There’s no regulation and it’s a case of buyer beware.

Avoid the hype and look for proof of effectiveness in helping people control their alcohol or drug use. There appears to be only one program whose long-term success is measured and reported by independent research organizations. It’s the non-profit St. Jude Program.

But in every case, it’s important that you do your own careful research of all the options available to you and make your own decisions. It’s your life and you deserve nothing less.