Chronic and excessive alcohol use can have a devastating effect on families, jobs, financial resources and health. Alcohol detox and rehab treatment facilities are continuously promoting the idea that all substance users have a genetic defect that causes them to use alcohol. While many alcohol programs promote the idea that alcoholism is an invincible serious problem, and use fear as a way to keep alcohol users and their family tied to programs that are just ineffective; the truth is much different.

It’s no surprise that thousands of people believe there is no solution to alcohol use. Alcohol use may be a serious problem, but it is not invincible, unconquerable and it can be controlled and defeated.

Traditional alcohol rehab programs promote the false idea that alcohol use is a disease, that you inherited an alcoholic gene and that it is incurable. They promote that the only treatment is belief in a higher power, abstinence and attending their group meetings. They further dictate that you are powerless and that you will fail in your attempts to abstain from alcohol use. Well, if that is true then why go to their meetings?

While they try to tell you that you have a brain disease, the truth is that there is no proof that alcohol use is a disease. You brain associates pleasant feelings with alcohol use, but your brain can learn to associate other behaviors, habits and actions with pleasant feelings. If your brain can be retrained, it cannot be a disease. A true disease has symptoms and physical reactions that cannot be wished away. People with cancer cannot retrain their brain to not have cancer, nor can they choose to not have the physical changes their body experiences with cancer. They cannot choose to not have cancer. You, however, can choose not to use alcohol.

There is also no evidence that an alcoholic gene exists. You did not inherit your desire to use alcohol from your family. You may have learned to use alcohol from your family and just as you learned to use alcohol you can learn not to use alcohol.

Rehab and society in general have become accustomed to labeling everything in excess as an addiction. Addiction has been attached to gambling, shopping, eating, video gaming, etc. There is more of a danger in attaching labels to excuse behavior than there is from the behavior. Shifting responsibility creates the idea of a “pass” on behavior that allows destructive behavior to continue because it is not their fault, they have a genetic defect.

Realizing that you have an alcohol use problem is a great way to begin to overcome using and leave it behind you. Guests of the Saint Jude Retreats Program discover that alcoholism is not an invincible and serious problem and that they can overcome their alcohol use. Through our program people become empowered and become more self confident and gain more self esteem.

You can change. If you’re ready to learn the truth about alcoholism, call today.