Many alcoholism experts as well as many former members of Alcoholic Anonymous express concern that the organization is either a cult or cult-like, that it indoctrinates members, and that it uses very strong social and psychological pressures to force compliance from vulnerable people.  Many call it authoritarian and some call it fascistic. Many also wonder if so-called alcoholics who go to AA are replacing one problem with another, as A.A. has no true success rate and rather hinders a user’s chance of sobriety from alcohol.

A.A.’s belief is that people with a drinking problem must first publicly admit that they are an alcoholic. It also teaches them that they will always be alcoholic; that they are powerless; that they must summit to a Higher Power; that if they don’t abstain from alcohol they will die as a result; that if they have even a single drink, they will lose control over their consumption; and that they will need to attend A.A. for the rest of their lives.

Critics point out that members are discouraged from thinking for themselves; from questioning A.A. beliefs; from asking difficult questions; from socializing with non-alcoholics; and from moving beyond the group. Many say that A.A. simply replaces one dependency with another.

Unfortunately, A.A. has a one year success rate of only about five percent and most alcohol rehabs use A.A. as part of their programs. In fact, most are based on A.A.’s 13 steps. That may be why such facilities are so ineffective and people repeatedly return to them in hope of success.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to A.A.’s control-oriented ideology and methods. The Cognitive Behavioral Education program at St. Jude Retreats is based on the Freedom Model of human behavior. St. Jude’s methods are different from A.A. and alcohol rehabs as day is from night.

The St Jude Retreat Program teaches that alcoholics are not powerless, that they needn’t submit to a Higher Power, that they don’t lose control after consuming one drink, that they needn’t attend group meetings for the rest of their lives, that they needn’t accept any ideology, that they can think as they wish, and that they are free to make their own personal choices.

Although A.A.’s success rate is only about five percent (that is, only one out of 20 members is successful in abstaining for one year), St. Jude’s long-term success rate is 62%. Important is the fact that St. Jude’s is the only program in the United States that has its success rate researched and calculated by an outside, independent professional research firm. There are no labels at St Jude’s and you won’t be considered an alcoholic. If A.A. has failed you, we suggest calling our program today to discover the new life you have been waiting for!

Organization Brief :

Organization Name : Alcoholic Anonymous
Website :
Telephone No. : (212) 870-3400
Address : 475 Riverside Drive at West 120th St.
New York
New York
United States