If you feel you are drinking excessively and you would like to moderate your alcohol usage verses abstaining from alcohol altogether and you are struggling with the decision to attend a 12 step based rehab program or AA meetings, you are not alone. Many people struggle with the thought of surrendering their power over to a higher power or religion, being labeled an alcoholic, and abstaining from alcohol forever. If you are wondering, can I drink in moderation, and the answer is yes, it is possible to drink in moderation.

12 step based treatment programs and 12 step support group meetings diagnose people with the disease of alcoholism and promote that the only treatment available for this progressive disease is belief in a higher power, support group meetings for the rest of one’s life and complete abstinence – no alcohol use whatsoever.

12 step programs also teach that relapsing over and over in the future is part of the recovery process. There is no such thing as moderation in a 12 step program because individuals are stripped of their personal power and control over alcohol.

Saint Jude Retreats is an alternative to 12 step based treatment programs and is non-treatment, non-12 step. The Saint Jude Program uses Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE) to teach self change and empowers guests. During the 6-10 week residential program at Saint Jude’s, guests re-assess their lives and reevaluate their choices and decisions regarding substance usage as well as other areas of their lives. They learn to make positive choices that are more productive for their future happiness. Guests learn to develop habits and behaviors that enhance their lives which produces positive change and purpose in their futures.

The truth is that there is no such thing as an alcohol disease. There is no scientific evidence that there is such a disease as alcoholism and there is no proof that alcoholism is something that is inherited genetically. When an individual has an actual disease such as cancer, there are physiological changes that the body suffers because of the disease. The individual with cancer has no control over their disease. They cannot choose to abstain from cancer, nor can they choose to moderate their cancer. They have cancer, period.

Those who use alcohol have the power and the freedom to decide not to use alcohol at all – to abstain from alcohol, or to moderate their alcohol use. Whichever the goal, the Saint Jude program will help to accomplish it. There is no coercion, no manipulation, no judgment or labels.

Rather, the Saint Jude Program focuses on positivity and empowerment to build self esteem and self confidence within each guest. Guests learn to harness their own individual power and become self sufficient. Guests understand that they do not need support group meetings for the rest of their lives because they are in full control of their choices.

Through the Saint Jude Program, guests learn that they are powerful and can moderate or abstain whenever they want to. They understand that they are not victims and they are not powerless over alcohol usage, or any other choices that may come before them.