Drug and alcohol treatment is a term used by public and private organizations and state and federal agencies to describe a method of trying to help people cope with problems that arise with drug and alcohol use. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), more than 1.8 million individuals were admitted to drug treatment in 2005. That number continues to grow each year. The facilities are licensed by state and federal agencies. Funding is supported with several billion dollars in government tax money on the state and federal level.

After hearing these statistics, you might think that there is a magical answer with a high success rate to stop people from using alcohol and drugs, particularly when it repeatedly causes them problems. However, those enrolled in these alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers and treatment facilities are told that they have a lifelong disease of addiction and that relapse is an expected part of recovery. These drug treatment programs measure success in terms of length of time between alcohol and drug use, not in terms of moderation or abstinence. For those that keep statistics on this type of success rate or hazard a guess when asked, it is approximately 20 percent. Rather than agree with the notion that drug treatment programs do not work, it is instead common to hear that people need more treatment.

At Saint Jude Retreats, our success rate is 62 percent. We measure our success rate by independent research as to the continued sobriety status of those who have attended our programs. Our statistics are based on the notion that the person has abstained from all substances. Those who have successfully moderated their use of drugs and alcohol and have improved their lives are not included in this 62-percent success rate. Keep in mind that Saint Jude Retreats does not receive any government tax money and is a non-profit organization.

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