There is so much misinformation about drugs, alcohol, drug addiction, and just addiction in general, that it is hard for most people to know what is true and what isn’t. Well, let’s begin with the facts: Addiction is not a disease, nor is heavy use of substances a disorder. Addiction is, however, a freely chosen, self-created habit. And habits, no matter how entrenched, can change. It doesn’t take years, it doesn’t require hiding from substances, and it certainly doesn’t require a “trigger-free” environment. What it requires is knowing the facts and then deciding if you still have an appetite for substances and the lifestyle that entails. We provide the facts…and then people can determine if the price is still worth it to continue to use.

This video discusses the view that drugs have power and that another power – treatment – is needed to battle it. This view is simply wrong. The problem with this need for treatment idea is simple: addictions (habits) are created internally by the individual- not created by a substance or any other external factor. Once people realize that simple fact, treatment is no longer needed as the person knows they are in charge and always have been.

What is needed is a clear explanation of the power within the individual which is free will. You can choose for yourself internally to change your habits and the trajectory of your life. But first, you must reject the idea that you are incapable of doing so without treatment. I’ve said it for years, “Treatment creates addicts and alcoholics – it doesn’t solve those issues.”

The only things required are that an individual internally changes their view and decides to change their habit–exactly what we show our guests at Saint Jude Retreats.