Realizing that you have a drug problem that requires your attention can be difficult and scary; however once you have made the decision to get help you are one step closer to a life of sobriety that is better and healthier. Depending on the type of drugs you have been using, you may or may not need to go through detoxification.

Detoxification is the process of removing the toxic chemicals that have accumulated in your body as a result of your drug and alcohol use. Not all drugs require detox, for example drugs that are water soluble such as cocaine and methamphetamine, do not require detox. That means that there is no physical withdrawal from those drugs and once they are out of your system, it is over. Other drugs may require that you go through the detox process which could take from a few days to a couple weeks.

You accomplished the first step in overcoming your drug problem when you decided to get on the road to sobriety. Many people know that they need help, but they never move past the thought and end up spending many years, or the rest of their lives using drugs. Getting help is difficult and you will have to face and deal with many of your reasons for using drugs, but if you can get through it, a life that is drug free awaits you on the other side. Remember that change is good!

Some individuals believe that they can benefit greatly by entering a rehab treatment or other recovery program for drug addiction to help them achieve lifelong sobriety. Unfortunately many of these programs, especially 12 steps are no more than Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and they always encourage follow up support groups. There are a number of traditional drug addiction recovery programs that would have you believe that you will need treatment for the rest of your life after detox. Alternative programs to drug recovery programs, such as St Jude’s uses education to promote the idea that you can learn to make different choices and to develop different habits and behaviors to help you achieve your goals.

While you are working to overcome your drug use, you will need the support of your friends and family. Some of your relationships may have been significantly damaged while you were using drugs and you may need to spend a lot of time rebuilding trust with your loved ones. The important thing is that when they see that you are serious in your commitment to stop using drugs, they will be able to offer you the support and encouragement that you need to make it through the difficult times and help you become stronger.

Learning to cope with the things in life that resulted in your drug use is another aspect to overcoming substance use. Through self assessment and self change you can learn how to reevaluate your choices and behaviors and to make better and more productive choices and decisions. St Jude Retreats is a non treatment, cognitive behavioral education program that can help you realize your goal of a sober life.