Finding the right alcohol rehab center for you will depend on the type of service you are looking for, how much money you are willing to spend on your alcohol recovery and whether you will be using insurance as well as how long the program lasts. The good news is that there are programs available to meet every budget and circumstance. The more important step you can take is researching the effectiveness of the alcohol rehab center and the practices they teach before you make a commitment to attend.  Finding the right alcohol rehab center will depend on your budget. You should consider the amount of money you have to invest in your future and if wait you learn at the rehab will be worth the price. Also, if you have insurance, you need to determine the amount that it will cover. There is generally a fixed amount that the insurance will cover, for example a 28 or 30 day residential stay.  If your insurance company has a fixed dollar amount, you should find out the amount in advance, because you will be responsible for the balance of the bill. Also, there may be a co pay involved. Knowing all the particulars regarding your insurance will save you from added stress later on down the road.

The next step in finding the right alcohol rehab center is determining if you are going to seek a program as an outpatient or an inpatient.  Can you afford to be away from your family, your job, your school for a month or longer so that you may attend an inpatient program? If the answer is yes, then perhaps a residential program is best suited for you.

An inpatient program will allow you the opportunity to get away from the stresses of life while you get well. Be aware however, that some rehabs do have hospital inpatient centers. Get comfortable with the idea of being in an institutionalized setting if that is the type of alcohol rehab you are thinking about enrolling in. Inpatient programs are available in a variety of services including traditional rehab which about 95% use a 12 step program. There are some inpatient programs that are more holistically motivated and there are alternative programs that are not 12 step affiliated, some can be more holistic in nature or others focus on behavior and education such as the Saint Jude Program.

If you do not feel that you can be away from home, work or school for a month to six weeks, there are outpatient programs that will allow you to self report for rehab and still be able to maintain your daily routines. Some outpatient programs act as a medical rehab clinic and use drug replacement therapy to help someone detox or feel comfortable when they stop using drugs or alcohol.

Drug replacement therapy is a self reporting method in which you check in at a clinic or to a doctor’s office and receive medication that you take at home instead of using alcohol. The drugs used are most often methadone, suboxone or subutex. There have been studies conducted in which some of the individuals that chose this method began taking methadone or suboxone and never stopped taking it. If your goal is to be 100 percent alcohol and drug free, this may not be the method for you.

Whichever method that you choose; consider the money and time you are investing as an investment in you and your future. Whether your goal is to moderate your alcohol use or to quit completely, it is possible for you to have a life that is permanently free from alcohol use. If you feel that an alcohol rehab might not be the right direction for you, try our permanent solution at St Jude’s.