Unfortunately for Brooke Mueller the former wife of Charlie Sheen has been another celebrity sucked into the 12 step cycle. Barely two months ago, Mueller was released from a 90 day 12 step rehab stay. Sadly today, she is back in a rehab program, which remains anonymous at this time. The distressing part is the Mueller has been introduced to the never ending 12 step cycle, that time and time again, has proven to be an effective way to help people overcome substance use problems. The famous saying, “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic” is not only repeated in 12 step programs, but is whole heartily believed by many already involved in the rehab programs. This negative demoralizing form of treatment is exactly what the St Jude program has been trying to educate the public to stay away from.

Hopefully Mueller, who apparently admitted herself into another rehab, was not talked into re-enrolling into a rehab program. Forcing someone to attend a rehab program, is hindering because the substance user must be open to the idea of changing, and if they aren’t at that point yet, the chances are great that they simply won’t stop.

In the meantime, let’s hope Mueller does not fall victim to the “disease of addiction talk” which is most likely being taught to her right now. Once someone believes that addiction is a disease and they are sick, they begin playing the victim role and removes the personal responsibility of choice. This is another reason why the 12 step cycle is so damaging because people are given no hope of ever getting better, since they have a “disease.”

No one knows why Brooke is using substances; most likely she enjoys the instant gratification it provides which she is not willing to give up at this time. It is good that she is now seeking help to change, but without accurate information and a program that is empowering, Mueller has little chance for any long term success. If she truly accepts the false premise that she is powerless and that relapse is part of the recovery process, it is likely this will not be her last stay in rehab. At Saint Jude Retreats we give hope to every guest and we know that YOU have the power to change.