For many individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol use problems, deciding to get sober and then choosing the best program to help them is a challenge. Holistic Addiction Treatments have surfaced over the years, but are they effective?

If you are looking for holistic addiction treatment, you want a nonmedical approach that will help you through a mind, body and spirit approach, in an environment that will promote a sense of peace and serenity. A holistic approach will not emphasize a medical treatment for your symptoms, but will address your concerns from the inside out. While some approaches to holistic addiction treatment use 12 step programs that promote belief in a higher power and lifelong treatment, or yoga, meditation therapy, vitamin therapy and acupuncture; there is one choice that will stand out from the rest.

St. Jude Retreats offers a holistic approach to drug and alcohol use through our educational program that is taught from the tranquil environment of three relaxing locations at St. Jude Twin Rivers Retreat, St. Jude Mountain Retreat and St. Jude Executive Retreat. Guests will discover the peaceful surroundings in fresh open air to help give clarity and calmness.

Physical activity is essential to a holistic approach for healing the body and guests staying at any of the St. Jude Retreats will be able to journey on long walks in beautiful natural landscapes, take a bicycle ride and will have access to work out in a health facility. Guests staying at our Executive Retreat will enjoy on-site massage therapy, sauna, Jacuzzi and pool.

Nutrition is vital to rebuilding the body and the mind. Our professional chefs will prepare delicious meals specifically designed  to provide optimum nourishment for our guests. A fresh salad bar and healthy snacks and beverages are available around the clock to ensure health and well being.

To renew the mind, the St. Jude Program features our cognitive behavioral education program which teaches that drug and alcohol use is not a disease but a choice that you make. You are in control of your choices. There is no need for lifelong counseling and treatment; all that is needed to escape the chains of substance use is to make a commitment to change and then follow through on that commitment..

Through our cognitive behavioral education program, you will learn to self evaluate your habits and behaviors and to develop new, more productive and enriching habits and behaviors that will lead to a life that is permanently free from drug and alcohol use. There is no cause for your substance use that is out of your control, and you are not diseased; you have just made a series of choices and developed habitual thought and behavior patterns. The St. Jude Program will help you to develop the self confidence and strength you need to overcome your substance use problems.

St. Jude Retreats is a non-treatment approach that offers a holistic approach, using cognitive behavioral education to help our guests like you to understand that they have the power to change. We have helped thousands of individuals for more than twenty years and we can help you too.