Holistic drug recovery is quickly becoming one of the more popular and effective methods for dealing with excessive drug use. The holistic drug recovery basics includes natural and alternative approaches including acupuncture, meditation, vitamin therapy and yoga, as well as an education based component to help in overcoming drug use.

Holistic drug recovery basics include a mind, body and spirit approach that restructures not only your habits and behavior, but also your outlook on life in general. A holistic drug recovery program considers the individuals needs spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Excessive drug use can damage your relationships with family, friends and coworkers and can lead to poor performance at work and school, deplete finances and take a toll on your health, but it can also deplete you physically, psychologically, emotionally and it sometimes results in people questioning their spiritual wholeness.

In most cases, a holistic drug recovery program is an inpatient residential program that makes it possible for you to get away from the stresses of life, perhaps the stresses that resulted in your drug use. Being able to retreat in order to get better is sometimes necessary and beneficial. In a holistic drug recovery program there may be an opportunity to take educational classes that discuss how to prevent a relapse, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches individuals how to use self evaluation and self change to look deeper at the choices and decisions that you make and to consider making choices that are more productive. Individuals also learn to consider how their habits and behaviors impact their life and how they contribute to their drug use. The outcome is leaning to develop habits and behaviors that positively enhance their life, resulting in a more purposeful life.

Nutrition is also important to holistic drug recovery basics. Most holistic retreats offer chef prepared organic meals that offer the proper nutrients and balance to a healthy diet. The body requires a certain amount of physical activity and fresh air to be well. With this in mind, most holistic drug recovery programs include activities both outdoor and indoor to keep fit such as hiking, swimming, bicycle riding and jogging. A few holistic programs even offer canoeing and horseback riding.

Before you begin a holistic drug recovery program, you may need to address the very physical aspect of whether or not you will need to detox before you can enter the program. In a truly holistic detox, the individual relies on organic foods, vitamins, plenty of water and sleep. In some cases medication may be used.

Excessive and long term drug use can impact your emotional and mental well being. Once you have completed detox, if you needed it, you can begin to work on the mental and emotional needs. Holistic drug recovery programs usually implement their cognitive behavioral education programs for this purpose.

Many individuals find holistic drug recovery a relaxing and serene environment in which they can get better and overcome their substance use.  As you begin to consider the right program for you, consider one of the holistic drug recovery programs to help you overcome your drug use.