Many people assume that because drug and alcohol rehab centers typically enroll their patients in a 28-day program, that that is exactly how long it takes for someone to overcome their problems with drugs and alcohol. It doesn’t. This time spent in a drug and alcohol rehab center is the beginning of a process where the person admits they have a disease they are powerless to overcome, followed by life-long 12-step meetings.

Unlike alcohol and drug treatment centers, Saint Jude Retreats offers a six-week program for people who want to make a permanent change in their lifestyle regarding drugs and alcohol. Our social education program is not a treatment plan. It is the foundation for a healthier, happier life-style. During the six-week period, program participants will learn about how they can gain control over their lives and that they don’t have a disease called addiction. It includes time for people to take classes and learn more about themselves and their habits as an individual. In the closing weeks of the retreat program, participants will set future goals for themselves so that they can live successfully without drugs and alcohol.

If, at the end of the six-week period, participants want to spend additional time in preparation for the future, we have extended customized programs geared toward young adults, adults and seniors. A one-week personalized program, for example, might focus on plans for college education or resume building and job searches. Other options focus more on emotional needs and self-confidence involved in returning home. For seniors, there is a continuing education option to discover how to better deal with health issues or finding new interests and hobbies to fit their new life-style.

For more information about the programs at Saint Jude Retreats, contact our office at 1-888-424-2626.